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Follow WooThemes on Twitter!

October 30, 2008 - 5 Comments

Many of you have already been following me, Adii and Mark on Twitter, where we post our random thoughts and also tweet about WooThemes.

But now you can follow the official WooThemes twitter account to stay updated on small and big things happening, and we might even throw out some twitter-only news on upcoming special deals before they happen. Well worth it in other words 🙂

WooTheme Teaser: How do you like your eggs?

October 14, 2008 - 20 Comments

There have been lots of theme concepts floating around the WooCamp lately, including collaborations with well know designers and lots of good WooContest entries, so I thought I would add to the mix. We’ve been lacking a good business theme after the launch of VibrantCMS, and that is why I wanted to design a sleek and sexy business theme directed at small/one man web/coding companies, but also versatile enough to be used as a personal blog/portfolio.

The front page template includes a prominent header where your message will come accross to the visitor, and your work / products will be displayed in the slider underneath. There will also be numerous color styles just like in VibrantCMS so it will be easy to find something to fit your brand. Check the screeshot for a few already made.

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Smells like Fresh News

August 27, 2008 - 6 Comments

Liam and his crew over at Function have had a go at making some grunge styles for Fresh News. The result is stunning and we are releasing this add-on for all you previous owners of Fresh News. First of all go check out the five new grunge styles on our theme preview, by using the lovely style switcher at the top right of the page.

Fresh news is now version 1.2 with this latest update. If you have already purchased the theme and just want to add the new grunge styles, here is what you must do:

  1. Log in to your WooThemes account and download the v1.2 from “My Theme Downlods”
  2. Unpack the new version and upload functions.php, style/*.* and functions/*.* with your FTP client.

You must also add a new div to your header.php and footer.php files. If you haven’t made any modifications to these files from the original, you can just overwrite your current files. If you have made modifications to your files you must manually add one line to header.php after the body tag:

You must also add the end tag for this new div in the footer.php before the end body tag:

That’s about it. If you have any trouble updating please don’t post in the comments. Our forum staff is ready to help you out with those questions.

New and Improved Demo Style Switcher

August 20, 2008 - 13 Comments

One of the key features with our themes is the multiple styles they come packaged with, that you can easily select with a click of a button in our options panel. We are now proud to introduce our custom made theme/style switcher for our demo themes.

Now you can preview all the different themes by selecting your theme from the drop-down select box and then selecting the style you want to see! A lot of people have been asking for this so go straight to our new demo and check it out!

Customizing The Featured Panel

August 15, 2008 - 8 Comments

This is a guest post by Josh Farkas, King Ninja at Cubicle Ninjas. It has been modified from it’s original version to suit the newest version (v1.1) of VibrantCMS.

WooThemes are wonderful because they look beautiful out of the box. But if you’d prefer to customize them to your taste they’ve built-in the tools to make that very easy. Here are a few tips I learned first-hand when I built our new Cubicle Ninja’s website with the VibrantCMS theme.

Let’s pretend we’re launching a fun new website about an upcoming war between kittens and mankind. We’ve installed WordPress, followed the detailed directions provided by the WooThemes team to install the VibrantCMS theme, and we were ready to add in our own imagery.

Using Large Images

By default the featured post area will grow vertically to match your image, but horizontally, your image will overflow into the next featured panel. Take a look at the left side of the image above as an example.

Is there an easy way to add in image greater then 340 pixels wide without this issue?

1. Go to Manage > Pages and locate the page with the problem image.

2. Find “VibrantCMS Custom Settings” where we’d originally placed our image URL. Located here are two fields, “Top” and “Left”. We will use these to adjust where our image is located.

3. Place a value you’d like to move your image into the field labeled “Left”. For example -50 moves your image 50 pixels to the left.

4. Hit save to update this featured panel.

5. View your page to see how you did. You can keep guessing and checking until your image fits perfectly.

<p>” width=”450″ height=”325″ /></a></p>
<p><strong>Using Small Images</strong></p>
<p>What if we have the opposite problem: We want to use a very small image but don’t want it placed against the top?</p>
<p>1. Go to Manage > Pages and locate the page with the problem image.</p>
<p>2. Find “VibrantCMS Custom Settings”   where we’d originally placed our image URL. Located here are two fields, “Top” and “Left”. We will use these to adjust where our image is located.</p>
<p>3. Place a value you’d like to move your image down into the field labeled “Top”. Using -50 moves your image up, 50 moves your image down.</p>
<p>4 . Hit save to update this featured panel.</p>
<p>5. View your page to see how you did. You can keep guessing and checking until your image floats where you like it.</p>
<p>We can even combine using “Top” and “Left to move the image to the center. If we were to place an image in the center it will overlap your text, but it will be behind your buttons.</p>
<p style=

Editing the Background

We now have our custom images snuggly in place. Would it be possible to customize our background color or image?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, if you can customize this you’ve learned how to customize any element of your theme – the same rules apply. We’ll be using an amazing plug-in for Firefox that helps us see what we’ll need to edit. This tool is called Firebug. Click here to install your copy before we begin.

1. With Firebug, finding out what the code is behind any part of our website is as easy as clicking. Let’s open Firebug by going to Tool>Firebug>Open in New Window within Firefox.

2. At the top-left of Firebug there is an menu item called “Inspect”. Let’s click this.

3. As we run our mouse over the page we can see a blue outline appearing. These are the hidden elements of your webpage. If we mouse-over the top of our background and click, we see the specific code that controls this area.

4. In Firebug’s top right corner it displays where this code is located. This class is located in a file called “pink.css”. All of the template variations have their own CSS file. This controls the look and feel for that specific style. Use a FTP program to find the folder where these CSS files are located.

It should look close to this:

5. Next, use a text editor to open the “pink.css” file.

6. Once inside look for an entry that matches our Firebug name, “#featured”. It should look like this:

#featured {
background: #ffc0d4 url(pink/featuredbg.jpg) repeat-x top left;

7. Looking at this class we can see how quickly we can modify our featured area:
is the pink in our background, by changing this value we will modify the color
“url(pink/featuredbg.jpg)” is referencing the gradient image across the top of the featured area
“repeat-x scroll left top” tells the image to repeat horizontally and start at the top left

8. Let’s say we like our background gradient image, but we’d like there to be repeating text in this area. This would be as simple as finding the referenced image above and replacing it. (If you’re using a different style then Pink, your featured background image will be located in the folder name of that style.)

9. We can find this image at:

10. Edit and replace the old version of “featuredbg.jpg”. Your website now has a new repeating background image.

And that’s it! We’ve only begun editing our Kitten Wars website, and it looks very rough, but you can see how quickly we could change almost every aspect of the featured panel. And with your knowledge of Firebug exploring the remainder of your website should be that much easier.

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