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The final WooCommerce drop of 2011 has genuine Gravity

December 22, 2011 - 47 Comments

Today we get bring two amazing plugins together with the launch of our Gravity Forms Product Add-ons extension, developed by Lucas Stark.

And as this is to be the last WooCommerce drop before the new year, we’d also like to briefly recap our achievements since WooCommerce launched back in September.

Gravity Forms Extension

With the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons extension, advanced product configuration forms can be built and linked to any product in WooCommerce. Forms that contain conditional logic, pricing fields, user input prices, conditional-pricing fields, conditional submit button logic can all be created for your products. Additionally, any product that contains a Gravity Form is tracked in the cart to ensure, no matter how complex your product form only unique configurations are added to the cart and duplicates are incremented in quantity.

The Gravity Forms Product Add-ons extension gives you full control over how the display of the prices in the store should appear. You can use the default price displays that WooCommerce will display, or in the case of a configurable product containing pricing fields, set the price to something such as “As Low as $1000”.

You also have control over when the built in automatic price calculation will be displayed, if at all, and have the ability to configure each label individually.

A demonstration of what's possible with Gravity Add-ons
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2011 – A great year for WordPress e-commerce

The final quarter of 2011 has been a very exciting time for us. Not only have we released some awesome themes, but in September we also dived in at the deep end of the WordPress plugins ecosphere with the launch of WooCommerce.

We’ve worked incredibly hard on building a reliable, feature rich eCommerce solution. It has since been supplemented with dozens of premium products which either extend the default functionality, or provide a gorgeous front end to your online stores.

To reflect on our progress, here’s a quick roundup of our WooCommerce specific achievements;

  • Almost 40,000 downloads, eclipsing the codebase from which WooCommerce was forked
  • Launched 49 premium extensions including payment gateways which make WooCommerce a realistic option for businesses the world over
  • Nurtured an active WooCommerce developer community enabling Woo members to monetise their own WooCommerce extensions, ipso facto delivering a greater number of high quality extensions to the WooCommunity at large
  • Launched 15 WooCommerce specific themes including child themes for some of our most popular parent themes, and our free theme; Wootique which has been downloaded over 10,000 times.
  • Facilitated many free plugins built upon WooCommerce

WooCommerce has truly taken the eCommerce niche within WordPress by storm. We’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and excited to continue that through 2012.

Merry Christmas

Just in case you’ve missed it, don’t forget to check out our WooCommerce Xmas bundle. 3 WooCommerce themes, 8 extensions (including table shipping) for $150 – a massive saving of 45%.

And for today only you can get 35% off any individual WooCommerce product using the code 12DAYSWC.

Have a great Christmas!

Thursday’s theme release & WooCommerce update

December 8, 2011 - 31 Comments

Today’s release is a beauty. A few months back we asked the talented Mr. Chris Rowe, who’s helped design a handful of our business, photography and personal themes, to design his first WooCommerce specific theme. Needless to say, he didn’t let us down and brought his usual attention to detail, clean styling, and crisp typography to the table to produce “Sliding”.

Sliding is a design that although hugely flexible in implementation I believe is tailor suited for online fashion stores. With a flexible slider designed for portrait shaped imagery your product line is presented professionally, whilst easily accessible. They key to any online store’s success is good photography and this theme shines with it.

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On the first day of December, my true love gave to me…

December 1, 2011 - 11 Comments

Seems like everyone is wondering where this year has gone? Here at WooHQ we know exactly where it has gone for Jay and Mike in the WooLabs – in developing a wealth of value with WooCommerce extensions, themes and child themes for a fast growing community of users.

WooCommerce 1.3

Today see’s the release of WooCommerce version 1.3. A significant upgrade with a rewritten tax module, markup for products and reviews (a standard used for Google to make products machine readable), free shipping coupons, improved interfaces for orders and various other improvements and fixes that can be viewed in the changelog.

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What do we have in store for you today?

November 24, 2011 - 9 Comments

That’s right three more WooCommerce enabled WooThemes. Specifically three more WooCommerce enabled business themes. We’ve been working down our theme leaderboard chart picking the most popular themes to cater for e-commerce facilities.

There is no WooCommerce core update to report on today unfortunately, but we don’t believe that’s a bad thing. Not everyone wants to update their e-commerce plugin every week right? Even if the update is filled with awesome sauce. It also means we can concentrate more time on further refining particular modules like the tax calculations that Mike has spent a heap of time on this week. More on this soon though.

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WooCommerce 1.2.2 + 5 new extensions

November 17, 2011 - 29 Comments

I’m struggling to get creative writing these Thursday blog post titles, so I’m getting straight to the point.

Today see’s the release of WooCommerce 1.2.2 and 5 new extensions – and would you believe it none of them are payment gateways?!

We’re extremely excited by the amount of developers who have lept at the opportunity of developing for WooCommerce and creating a passive income stream whilst exploring the core of our offering. You’re going to like these extensions. Trust me.

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You know what day it is?

November 10, 2011 - 25 Comments

As has been the case the last few Thursdays, and most likely the next few to come, you have probably come to expect some WooCommerce goodness to drop. Today see’s the release of an incremental WooCommerce plugin update, that certainly packs a lot of punch for a version 1.2.1, as well as the release of 7 extensions.

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Emporium theme, 2 extensions and WooCommerce v1.2

November 3, 2011 - 47 Comments

Today sees the release of a new responsive WooCommerce theme called Emporium, equipped with all the homepage modules to showcase featured and recent shop products, recent blog posts, sticky notes, sales banners and a featured slider. Not to forget the widgetized footer region to add those personal touches.

Emporium’s uniqueness lies in it’s fixed top navigation that is always accessible even when at the bottom of a long page of content, with space for two menus – one top right and one bottom left, and also includes a cleanly designed shopping cart dropdown.

Emporium's fixed top menu.

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Enabling more Woo customers to create online shops

October 20, 2011 - 45 Comments

This week we have three more WooCommerce child themes available for our most popular business themes. What does that mean for you if you own one of the above themes? It means you can very easily get an online shop running with the WooCommerce plugin, a child theme and possibly one or two extensions.

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WooCommerce v1.1 & More Extensions

October 13, 2011 - 42 Comments

Mike and Jay are working tirelessly around the clock, ensuring some great momentum with more significant upgrades to WooCommerce and more extensions that we are pleased to report on.

Product category images made possible in WooCommerce Version 1.1.

WooCommerce Version 1.1

The most important feature of Version 1.1 is that it is fully compatible with the beta versions of WordPress 3.3, ensuring no hiccups and complete peace of mind when it comes time to upgrade.

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More WooCommerce Goodness

October 6, 2011 - 57 Comments

We promised you continual and significant upgrades & new features for WooCommerce and we plan to keep to that promise, especially since it’s already been downloaded over 5,000 times in 7 days!

Today we are launching a premium WooCommerce theme, 3 payment gateway extensions and a product enquiry extension too.

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WooCommerce Has Arrived

September 27, 2011 - 363 Comments

With much excitement, pride, and anxiety after such a long journey we can finally happily announce the release of WooCommerce.

For the last month, since the announcement of WooLabs/WooCommerce, Mike and Jay have been working like men possessed tinkering with every piece of code, adding valuable new core features, coding and collaborating on payment gateway, product and shipping extensions, and of course working on some beautiful themes.

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