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Why Every Blog Should Have an Archives Page (And What Should Go On It)

February 21, 2014 - 3 Comments


As bloggers we focus a lot on the here and now – we want to keep our readers up to date on the latest developments in our niche and stay ahead of the curve. But some of the best blog posts offer value over longer periods of time.

The nature of blogging favors today, today, today – not yesterday. But days bygone can still provide useful content to your readers, and the best way to make such posts available is through an archives page. In this post I’ll explain why you should embrace archives and how you can do it.

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4 Simple Ways to Boost Email Signups to Your Blog (That You’re Probably Not Doing)

January 27, 2014 - 9 Comments

email signupsWhen you run an online business, it’s important to blog regularly.

Of course, you know this already. Without a blog, it would be very difficult to get leads. Blog posts are one of the ways through which online entrepreneurs get people to signup to an email list. And your email list gives you access to a lead’s inbox, which is an important place to be.

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How to Save Time When Writing in WordPress

January 24, 2014 - 8 Comments

wordpress writing

Finding time to write your next blog post can be a challenge. We’re all on tight deadlines and over-scheduled, aren’t we?

Still, when it’s time to get working and you’ve cracked your knuckles in preparation for composing your next masterpiece, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of site management and lose sight of the task at hand: writing an excellent blog post!

So, without further adieu, here are some things that help me to write faster and more efficiently in WordPress. A nice side effect of these tips? You’ll produce better content, too.

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8 Top Plugins for Integration With WooThemes Products

January 14, 2014 - 23 Comments

There are a vast number of WordPress plugins in circulation. The enormous depth and variety of available plugins is one of the main reasons for WordPress’ astonishing rise to the top of the CMS pile over the past ten years or so.

However, too much choice can be a bad thing. So, rather than have you muddle your way through the thousands of plugins available to you I’ve put together a short but sweet list of superb plugins that work particularly well with our themes.

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A Guide to Optimal Image Compression in WordPress

January 9, 2014 - 8 Comments

image compression guideMany bloggers put so much of their focus on writing up decent posts that they lose sight of some arguably essential details.

Like images. If they do remember to include high-quality, thought-provoking images, they miss out on the opportunity to optimize these images for the best end-user experience. This means compressing those images so they load in a flash. Without losing discernible quality, of course.

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6 Awesome Features That Will Sell You On Jetpack

January 7, 2014 - 26 Comments

jetpack by wordpressTell me if you’ve heard these phrases before. Maybe you’ve even uttered them yourself: “Jetpack is so overrated.” “Jetpack isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” “Jetpack is bloated beyond belief!”

A lot of people hold onto these beliefs about Jetpack but I’m here to tell you that these statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Jetpack packs a serious punch, offering up features aplenty that serve the needs of all WordPress users. Bloggers looking for simple tools and developers looking for robust options will both be pleased by this plugin.

For those who don’t know, Jetpack is a plugin created by Automattic. It features numerous “modules” that can be activated in order to benefit from their features.

Today, I’m dead set on convincing you to use Jetpack for the first time (or to dust it off and give it a try once again). Will you accept the challenge?

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How a CDN Helps You

November 22, 2013 - 10 Comments

This is a guest post by Nathan Oulman of MaxCDN with some valuable insights into maximizing the speed of your website using CDN services.

NathanYou know you need more speed. Visitors coming to your website are bailing out before completing their transactions – or sailing away before finishing the video you’ve worked so hard to create for them. What’s up with that?

It’s the curse of latency, my friend. If you’ve done everything you can do to optimize your website so that it’s as lean and mean as you can make it, the problem lies not necessarily with you – it’s the physical distance separating your server (or host) and your customers.

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Best Practice for Using Tags in WordPress

November 20, 2013 - 13 Comments


WordPress post tags are an often misunderstood and misused feature. Bloggers all seem to use them differently and it’s very rare to see them used consistently on a site.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Tags are really quite simple if you take a moment to understand their intended usage and put a plan in place for their use. Furthermore, when done correctly, tags can be an extremely effective in improving the user experience. However, when used incorrectly they are nothing but a cluttered and bloated navigational tool that can have an adverse affect on user engagement.

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How to Quit Your Job With WordPress

November 19, 2013 - 8 Comments

We are living in tough economic times. Job cuts have become commonplace, the housing market crash affected thousands, banks are collapsing like dominos and entire countries are on the brink of bankruptcy. Things may seem bleak, but to every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

Faced with layoffs and pay cuts, workers have actually become more empowered to set up on their own as self-employed traders, service providers and professionals. A salaried position with a large corporation is no longer the safe and secure option it once was.

We are seeing a paradigm shift in attitudes towards work and life, perhaps the biggest to occur since the industrial revolution. An increasing number of people are abandoning the office and traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and moving towards flexible working from home, freelancing and entrepreneurship.

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Plugins Minimalism: How to Use .htaccess to Redirect URLs

November 11, 2013 - 9 Comments

I wrote in a previous article about the potential dangers of WordPress plugins and the fact that one should seek to minimize the number of plugins on a WordPress installation. While plugins can be incredibly useful and powerful, that same power is also the same thing that can make them potentially dangerous.

Although there’s no shame in using a plugin if it’s going to save hours of your time; thats often not the case. There are a great number of plugins available performing simple functions that are nearly as easy to implement manually. For example, as I mentioned in my previous post, there are several plugins available to insert tracking codes like those used in Google Analytics. Rather than using a plugin, it is just as easy to paste the provided code straight into your WordPress header file.

I think if more people realized just how easy it is to replicate the function of certain plugins manually, they would think twice before installing them. In doing so, we’d increase the security of our sites and the technical capabilities of the WordPress community as a whole.

With that aim in mind, today I’m going to go through a step-by-step DIY guide to creating and managing URL redirects with nary a plugin in sight.

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Why WordPress 3.7 Could Be the Best Update in a Long Time

October 25, 2013 - 14 Comments

Innovation and change are expected on the web. Sometimes they can still be surprisingly fast paced. So it is with WordPress. Version 3.6 was only released in August, and just a few months later, 3.7 is here.

It’s packed with a lot of new features that are sure to make WordPress even better. I’ll cover the big ones in this post. But this new version represents more than just a few new features. It had the fastest turnaround of any version in WordPress history, but it is (in my humble opinion) also arguably the biggest update in a long time.

Why? Read on to find out.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Customizing a WordPress Site

October 1, 2013 - 9 Comments

If you’re new to WordPress, the thought of tinkering with its code can be a daunting one. But in reality, there are many simple things you can do in order to customize the look and feel of your site without risking disaster.

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The Dangers of WordPress Plugins Ignorance (And What To Do About It)

September 27, 2013 - 17 Comments

I was starting to get really frustrated.

After my site had spent hours alternating between being slow to load and completely unresponsive, I decided to get on the line with my hosting provider. All they could tell me was that the issue appeared to be related to one of the plugins on my blog.

Then the lightbulb in my head finally flickered into life — I had only installed a new plugin a few hours previously. Right around the time that my site started misbehaving. Ah ha.

I quickly (well, slowly actually) logged into my site and deactivated the offending plugin. Bingo. Site back to normal.

It’s happened to just about anyone who has been using WordPress for any significant length of time: plugin issues that cause your website to malfunction. Yet many of us continue to install and uninstall plugins with wild abandon, ignorant of the potential risks involved in doing so. Even worse, some of us know full well what we are potentially letting ourselves in for and still feed our insatiable hunger for plugins with little regard for the pitfalls waiting around the corner.

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Why we often price e-Commerce projects wrong

September 10, 2013 - 44 Comments

ChrisLemaThis is a guest post by Chris Lema with some insight into how you could be pricing your e-commerce projects.

You can’t talk much about pricing strategies for web development projects without someone telling you that you need to think about value-based pricing.

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WordPress and WooThemes management made easy

June 5, 2013 - 24 Comments

tom-ewerToday we have Tom Ewer, chief blog officer at ManageWP guest blogging on a subject we feel very appropriate for you our WooThemes community. (Please note the below is not a sponsored post.)

As a massive WooThemes fanboy it is an absolute pleasure to be published on this blog.

I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now — ever since I purchased and installed the awesome Canvas framework on my own blog. With WooThemes continuing to offer beautiful themes and extending their line of products into some pretty awesome plugins, things are looking rather rosy for those of us who await each new release eagerly.

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