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Ability to show multiple products on one line in mobile.

I want to be able to display at least 3 columns on my pages when using a shortcode to display product categories. I have hundreds of items in the same category displayed on the same page and having users scroll one by one can be a pain.


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Last updated: October 12, 2017

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  1. Susan Hillyer says:

    Attracted to your post because we have 30 + vendors/farmers each with 100+ items. Looking for a wholesale commerce site not something that is as beautiful & boutique like. What solution have you found?

  2. Edwin Hamers says:

    You understand that storefront, and most other responsive themes, will size according to the screensize it is being viewed on. If you would have multiple columns on a mobile device things would become too small and unreadable.
    Plus scrolling on a mobile is much easier then a mouse 😉


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