Bought Together Plugin for Woocommerce


If you want additional revenue, you have to have a Frequently Bought Together plugin. It may sound too straightforward but don’t take our word for it, take a look at the market’s experience. For example, Amazon’s recommendation algorithm drives 35% of its sales according to a McKinsey report. Sounds pretty impressive for one small improvement. At this e-commerce giant, they use huge resources to refine it to the max, hire more than dozens of analytics and pour in a lot of money. An aspiring entrepreneur might not have such freedom but can still benefit from the bundling strategy. We’ll show you “how” with our plugin.

Bought Together Plugin for Woocommerce

How Is Premmerce Frequently Bought Together Special?

Bundles Variety

That’s the whole point of the plugin, so let’s see what we can offer. First and foremost, you can assign multiple special offers to one product. It means that there are no recommendation limitations and you can experiment with different selections, adjust them for different target audiences. This also enables both cross- and up-selling approaches. Try out each tactic and see what brings more profits. On top of that, you can create special offers with two, three, or more products, no restrictions on that. Go both vertically and horizontally, literally and figuratively speaking.

Another cool upgrade is bulk suggestions for every product in a category. This is a great solution to pair with the previous one. Use this as a universal fit to start off and add more as you go and gain some knowledge about your customers’ needs.


Our plugin allows for significant customization which is important to target the site visitors right. First, you’re free to play with the position on the page, UI styles, and titles of the widget. There’s every tool to help you with a creative and appealing presentation of the add-ons on the product page. The plugin also offers two shortcodes for displaying bundles, which can be used on any page or post – including custom post types – on your store. Second, the feature applies to both Simple and Variable product types. In the case of the former, you have power over whether the variation available for the bundling is fixed or not. Sometimes you need to define it yourself and other times it will be reasonable to grant the client a choice. Finally, the discount is also flexible meaning you’re able to assign a percentage discount for every product in the bundle or a flat-rate discount for the whole bundle. Again, depending on the needs of your campaign and knowing what will work for the particular customers, this option may come in handy.

Effortless Management

There are two ways to edit the bundle offers: from the separate plugin page where you can create, edit, or delete upsell and bundles. Here you can also find info about existing bundles and see how they display on the product page.

edit the bundle offers for woocommerce

or from the product page where you can add, manage, or remove special offers for that particular product.

edit the bundle offers for woocommerce

The pro option that isn’t easy to find is disabling and enabling bundles without completely removing them from a store. This gives additional space for trial and error. It can be useful for seasonal or otherwise repeated campaigns as well. The great news is that you don’t risk anything and don’t have to do it in an “all or nothing” fashion.

How are the product bundles displayed?

After you set up the plugin and create some special offers, the “upsell product bundles” section will display automatically on product pages and your customers will be able to buy discounted bundles right away. If a product is available as part of several bundles, you can display the options as a list or in a carousel.

Bought Together Plugin for WooCommerce

You can also customize the section’s appearance. Change titles, buttons, background color, style, and labels, and adjust the upsell section’s position on the page.

Bought Together Plugin for WooCommerce

When a customer chooses a bundle, all products are added to the cart with a single click. Try out the Premmerce Frequently Bought Together to boost your sales and your customer satisfaction!

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