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Synchronize Your Store With Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

Lazada Integration for WooCommerce enables sellers to list their products and ease your selling process, which helps you in connecting your WooCommerce store with Lazada Marketplace. The Lazada Integration for WooCommerce provides a number of services through which the sellers can automate their selling process and sync the price, inventory, and order between WooCommerce and the Lazada marketplace.

Hike your selling journey on Lazada and reach out to more customers through this extension with the benefit of selling across two platforms with point-to-point synchronization of inventory and robust order management.

Why Sell On Lazada Marketplace?

With over 18,000 leading international and local brands, Lazada is one of the top 3 Southeast Asian Marketplaces. Lazada is a lucrative marketplace. It is the dream of every online seller to gain the highest possible sales. Therefore, selling on Lazada will let your products get millions of visitors every month. The Lazada Marketplace serves the six prominent regions in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Becoming a seller on Lazada is quite easy, and it’s not as complicated as one can think of. It takes a few minutes to register, and the best thing is that it’s FREE to sell on Lazada. You only have to pay a SMALL commission when someone buys your products. Lazada only charges you when your piggy bank gets the penny. The commission of Lazada may vary according to the situation.

Why Should You Expand Your Reach with Lazada?

Any business can flourish on Lazada with the help of its outstanding digital capabilities. You need an email id, phone number, and business license to register with the platform.

Perks of selling on Lazada

  • Zero fees and zero deposits.  There are no listing fees or deposits necessary for listing products online.
  • Sell and pay.  You only need to pay a commission when you make a successful sale of products.
  • Dedicated support.  Get strong platform support from experts 365 days a year
  • Sales promotions.  Lazada helps online sellers take advantage of sales promotions all year long

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Key Features

The Lazada Integration for WooCommerce saves you from the tedious task of uploading to and managing products for multiple stores that automates your selling process.

  • Bulk Upload

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce
Uploading products can be a very tough task and requires a lot of time. Lazada’s bulk uploading of product features helps you to upload hundreds of new products or update existing products both are possible with few clicks.

  • Centralized Order Management

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce
Bring all your Lazada orders into your WooCommerce store and manage orders, cancellations, and other updates from one place. Receive direct order updates from the Lazada marketplace to your WooCommerce store, and control everything from WooCommerce for hassle-free selling.

  • Automated Synchronization

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce
Avoid overselling by regular synchronization of quantities between your stores, also it will become easy for you to auto synchronize your order, inventory, product listing at a regular interval between your store and Lazada marketplace.

  • Category Mapping

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

You can map different product categories of your store to one category on Lazada with many-to-one product category mapping. Thus, increases the chance of presenting your product in the most relevant product category.

Benefits Of Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

Along with a hassle-free selling experience, Lazada Integration For WooCommerce gives you:

Dedicated account managers

We will assign you an account manager for your WooCommerce store soon after you purchase the Lazada Integration For WooCommerce. Your account manager will help you right from the installation of the app to sell like a pro. The trusted account manager will help you with every step involved in selling till you learn to do it yourself.

More customers and sales

Significantly expand your potential customer base.

24/7 Free Support

No matter what time of day, our experts are available 24/7.

Will Lazada Integration for WooCommerce Work for Your Business?

Lazada is the largest subsidiary of Alibaba. Integrating your WooCommerce site with Lazada is the simplest way to ensure that your products reach a vast and growing Southeast Asian audience. You can grow your business and be a part of Southeast Asia’s retail revolution.

Grab the Extension and Watch Your Business Growth with Lazada

Connect your WooCommerce store with Lazada. Handle sales efficiently. The integration helps you enhance your sales funnel by keeping track of inventory, setting up customizations, and ensuring centralized order management.

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