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Add An All-In-One Sales Management Tool To Your Store

Managing sales agents can be a hassle for some companies. Calculating commissions is a long, tedious process. WooCommerce businesses need a powerful sales-agent management system that automatically calculates sales commissions while keeping track of customers and their data.

Introducing Sales Agent for WooCommerce

Sales Agent for WooCommerce is your solution for managing your company’s sales agents and their commissions. While sales agents create new customer profiles and keep track of their orders, admins can set commission percentage values for sales agents and view important sales data on their dashboards.

Sales agents also have dedicated dashboards. They can review information about their customers, orders placed, commissions accrued, and other statistical data.

Sales Agent for WooCommerce Features

Features for sales agents

  • Create new customer profiles
  • Create orders for their customers
  • View orders and commissions

Features for administrators

  • Create a commission structure (categories)
  • Assign commission categories to sales agents
  • Create and edit sales agent profiles
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Export commission list

Why Choose Sales Agent for WooCommerce?

  • Sales agent dashboard

    A dedicated area for sale agents where they can add their customers, view notifications and calculate commission.

  • Global commissions

    Create, assign and edit commission percentage values for sales agents.

  • Export commission list

    Export a filterable list of all the commissions respective to the sales agent who accrued them.

  • Commission categories

    Assign each sales agent to a different commission percentage.

  • Create order as a customer

    Sales agents can purchase on behalf of their customers.

  • Dashboard for admin

    View a monthly performance summary that includes numbers for created customers, sales agents, orders, paid commissions, and pending commissions for every month.

  • Sales agents management area

    Create, edit and delete sales agent profiles with ease. The admin can also change the commission status for any agent.


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.How to Get Started

  1. Buy Sales Agent for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.
  4. Read the technical documentation to help you walk through the process of setting up multiple sales agents, commission categories and more.

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