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Adding testimonials to projects

Since Projects 1.1.0, adding a testimonial to a project can be easily achieved with our Testimonials plugin.

Install Testimonials ↑ Back to top

First of all you need to install our Testimonials plugin. This will give you the ability to add and manage all of your customers testimonials. You can find installation instructions at Testimonials documentation.

Add a testimonial ↑ Back to top

Before a testimonial can be linked to a project, it needs to be published. Add testimonials via the “Testimonials” menu item, just as you would add a post.

Add a project ↑ Back to top

Likewise, for a testimonial to link to a project the project needs to exist. Add a project as described in the Setup and Configuration.

Link a testimonial to a project ↑ Back to top

Once you’ve added a testimonial and a project you can now link them together. To do so, navigate to the edit project page and notice the new meta field available to you titled Testimonial. Begin typing in this field to see a list of matching testimonials.

Linking a testimonial
Linking a testimonial

Once linked, save the project.

That’s it! Done! The linked testimonial will now appear on the single project page.

An example of a testimonial displayed on a project page.
An example of a testimonial displayed on a project page.

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