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Booster Crowdfunding

Fund a project or do great things with your WooCommerce store! Easily and quickly add a crowdfunded product with the WooCommerce Crowdfunding module. Simply enable this module in the Booster settings, set your goal, your start date, your end date, and start promoting!]

Quick Setup Video

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  1. Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate.

Setup and Configuration

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To create Crowdfunding product click on Settings .


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Crowdfunding settings allow you to configure and add meta-boxes that apply to all products. Just click on Enable Module to activate Save when you are done. Your crowdfunding module is ready  Go to WooCommerce > Product> All Product and select the Crowdfunding product.

Field types

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  • Out of stock when product Goal reached::  if you want to out of stock when the product crowdfunding goal was reached then enable the setting and click on the save changes button.
  • Add to Cart:: if you want to change especially crowdfunding product add cart button text then type your desire text default was add to cart
In the crowdfunding module, add the Meta-box for all products:
  • Goal – Enter the amount you want to crowdfund.
  • Start Date –  Enter the crowdfunding start date.
  • Deadline –  Enter crowdfunding end date.

 Short Code

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Here is the shortcode list with details:
  • [bcf_total_crowdfunding_donator]: To show total donator of the product.
  • [bcf_product_total_orders]: To show total orders for the product.
  • [bcf_product_total_orders_items]: To show the total quantity of the product ordered till now.
  • [bcf_product_total_orders_sum] : To show total sale for the product..
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_goal]: To show the total amount goal set.
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_goal_remaining]: To show the total goal amount remaining at the moment.
  • bcf_product_crowdfunding_goal_remaining_progress_bar] : To show progress bar.
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_startdate]: To show the date when the crowdfunding starts.
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_deadline] : To show the date when the crowdfunding will end.
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_time_remaining] : To show the days left in the end date of crowdfunding.
  • [bcf_product_crowdfunding_time_remaining_progress_bar] : To show progressbar of time left at the moment to reach the end date.
  • or you can use php do_ shortcode  echo do_shortcode( ‘[bcf_product_total_orders]’ );
Note: Copy the shortcode and paste it on the product description or short description section or anywhere you want to show the output for the shortcode. 

How to use Shortcodes

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Note: You must add a Label for each option, so the information shows when viewing the product on front end.

Frontend display and viewing Crowdfunding

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On the frontend, crowdfunding showing on where you paste the shortcode either product description or product short description  

Example of use

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You can easily change add to cart button text for specially crowdfunded product Backend: Frontend:
  • You can show OUT OF STOCK the crowdfunded product when the product goal was reached. Backend: Frontend:
  • You can add multiple price options to Crowdfunding products by setting “Product Type” in the product edit page to “Variable product” and creating a Custom Product Attribute:
Example output in the website product page :

Manage Settings

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  • Export: We also provide additional features to export and import your plugin settings.
  • Import: We also provide import settings, which will help you to migrate your plugin to another website.
  • Reset: Reset all the settings
  • Reset Metas: Reset all booster crowdfunding meta sets under each product.
  • Autoload Booster’s Options: Choose if you want Booster’s options to be auto-loaded when calling add_option. After saving this option, you need to Reset all Booster’s settings. Leave default value (i.e. Enabled) if not sure.
  • Load Modules on Init Hook: Choose if you want to load Booster Modules on Init hook. It will load the locale appropriately if users change it from the profile page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can  I use the Crowdfunding module on the simple and variable product?

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Yes, you can use both typed of products Example of use.

Does this show the total amount of sale products?

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Yes, it does.

What is the requirement for using this module?

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Latest version WordPress with latest version WooCommerce plugin.

Can i disable the order when Crowdfunded goal is reached?

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Yes you can show user to out of stock when product goal is reached .

Can I add Crowdfunding to variable products?

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Yes! Here is an example:

Questions and Feedback

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Have a question before you buy? Please fill out this pre-sales form. Already purchased and need some assistance? Get in touch with a Happiness Engineer via the Help Desk.