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Busy Bee

Important: This theme was retired in April 2013. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Adding Images To Posts (Using the Image Resizer) ↑ Back to top


Many of the different template pages within this theme uses an embedded image within a post when displaying the post to the user. This means that you need to add a custom image to a post should you wish to display the image with the post. If you decline to add an image to a post, it will not be displayed and won’t disrupt the theme in any way.

Our themes use a custom image resizing script (thumb.php) which will dynamically resize, crop & create an image in the appropriate size needed for the template.


The Journal Custom Settings Panel
  1. On your Write > Post tab, complete all of the standard fields when adding a new post.
  2. Now scroll down to the “Busy Bee Custom Settings” panel (just below your Post Revisions). Click on the “Browse” button to find the image you want to your use on your local computer. Once you’ve found it click “Save” and the url will automatically be inserted.
  3. Insert an “Image Caption” if you so desire – recommended if you are using this post as the featured post with large image on the home page.
  4. Save your post and voila!

Adding Category Descriptions ↑ Back to top

You will see that Busy Bee displays the category description along with the category name in the top navigation of the site. To add descriptions to your categories follow these steps:

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Manage > Categories.
  2. Click on any category name and in the “Description” field, input your desired description.
  3. You can follow the same process when adding new categories / category descriptions.

Adding video ↑ Back to top

Busy Bee comes with a custom video player widget, which will show your latest video posts in the sidebar.

Setting up the Video Player Widget

  1. Go to Manage > Categories and add a new category which will hold your video posts. NOTE: Make sure that your category name and category slug are identical, so if the Category is called “Videos”, the slug has to be “videos”.
  2. Go to your options panel and select the category you just made in the “Video Category” option.
  3. Go to Apperance > Widgets and add the “Woo – Video Player” widget to the sidebar.

Adding Video Posts

Adding a video to your post is very easy. Simply copy the embed code from your favorite video site (like YouTube or Vimeo) into the Busy Bee Custom Settings field. It will automatically be resized* to fit in the sidebar widget and the post.


* Note: If for some reason your embed code isn’t resizing properly, you should change the values of width and height manually in your embed code. (Please note will read “Busy Bee Custom Settings”)

Widgets ↑ Back to top


There are five widgetized areas in the Busy Bee template:

  • Sidebar (displayed throughout the theme);
  • Sidebar Top (displayed above the static sidebar tabs widget); and
  • Footer #1 – 3 (displayed in the three columns in the footer).

Note: Go to Appearance > Widgets to add widgets. By default, the theme will display nothing, until you add your own widgets.

There are five custom widgets:

  • Woo – Video Player*;
  • Woo – Search;
  • Woo – Ads 125×125*;
  • Woo – Ad 250×250*; and
  • Woo – Flickr*.

* There are options inside the widget you need to set up so it works properly


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