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Note: This theme was retired in April 2013. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Overview ↑ Back to top

Continuum includes a custom homepage with a featured slider and featured posts, custom typography and some extra custom widgets, all to help your news/magazine website get a stylish and functional look.

Installation ↑ Back to top

To learn how to install your theme, see: Installing a Theme

Checking your theme version ↑ Back to top

You can confirm your theme and WooFramework version by going to: Continuum > Framework

Activate your Theme Key ↑ Back to top

After you install the theme, be sure to activate your theme key by downloading and installing the WooCommerce Helper plugin. This verifies your site when contacting support and enables 2-click updates for quick theme upgrades.

Updating your theme

Ensure you have the latest version of your theme at all times. This is the best way to proactively troubleshoot issues on your site.

More info at: WooCommerce Helper Documentation.

Home page layout ↑ Back to top

The screenshot shows the Continuum home page with each of its modules explained.

Setting up the home page ↑ Back to top

The home page is largely widget based, with 4 regions available for placement of custom woo widgets in the sidebar and footer regions. The featured slider can be easily disabled (more information in the next “How To” section), as can the featured posts, latest posts and popular posts modules in the settings.

To enable or disable what you want to show on the homepage go to:
Continuum > Settings > Homepage Layout

Continuum - Homepage Layout

Setting up the Slider ↑ Back to top

Continuum has a built in featured slider that uses post tags to drive content. To set post tags and adjust slider settings go to:
Continuum > Settings > Homepage Slider

Continuum - Slider Settings

Adding the tag to the post is important, as is specifying the image to use in the “Continuum Custom Settings” panel below the WYSIWYG editor on the Add/Edit post form.

Remember to tag your posts with your featured panel tag defined in the settings.

Widgets ↑ Back to top

There are 13 custom widgets you can add to four widgetized areas – 1  in the sidebar and 3 in the footer.

The custom woo widgets are:

  • Woo – Tabs
  • Woo – Flickr
  • Woo – Adspace
  • Woo – Ads 125 x 125
  • Woo – Feedburner
  • Woo – Address
  • Woo – Authors
  • Woo – Campaign Monitor
  • Woo – Embed/Video
  • Woo – Social
  • Woo – Blog Author Info
  • Woo – Twitter Stream
  • Woo – Search

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