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CyberOffice for WooCommerce

Sync from Woocommerce to Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Cyberoffice the synchronization plugin between WordPress WooCommerce and Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Good to know

We are very happy to bring you our new CyberOffice plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin has already existed for 7 years for Prestashop and on Addons and Dolibarr ERP/CRM Dolistore. It is recognized as the best sellers in its category. Currently installed on more than 3000 sites in production. It will allow you to save a lot of time in the management of your online store and avoid installing many plugins.

What can you do with CyberOffice sync plugin for WooCommerce to Dolibarr ERP/CRM :

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The CyberOffice extension (real-time synchronization from WooCommerce to Dolibarr) increases the commercial management performance of a WooCommerce store by connecting it to the Dolibarr ERP/CRM. It automatically synchronizes in real time via webservices all the events carried out on WooCommerce to Dolibarr.

— Categories,

— Products,

— Variations,

— Price,

— Inventory

— Pictures,

— Attributes

— Clients

— Orders

— Invoices

— Payments

— Bank accounts

The CyberOffice extension for WooCommerce can be installed at any time in the life of your WooCommerce store. It is nevertheless recommended to set it up when you have obtained your first sales and that you have mastered the processes of using your online store..


WooCommerce Compatibility7.4.0
Dolibarr ERP/CRM compatibility16.x
Compatible with mutual or dedicated servers integrating SOAP
Web Services (automatic)
Synchronization of WooCommerce to Dolibarr
Easy Installation by Plugins
Multi-shops (several independent WooCommerce connected* to a single Dolibarr ERP/CRM)
Products and variations, Attributes
SKU references
Orders and customers (historical recovery of your choice according to the date)
Invoices based on order history
Stocks (choice of synchronization)
Payments (association to different bank accounts)
Choice of order states and invoices for synchronization
Creation Shipping (editable label), Discount (editable label)
Shop number / Order number / WooCommerce visible in Orders & invoices customer ref
WooCommerce long product description added in extrafield product sheet

How to install the plugin on WordPress and Dolibarr

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Take 3 minutes? Information to follow for a perfect installation :

Important to know

Have Soap installed on the server. Disable display_error and debug mode.


1-Find the module in Plugins

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Plugins / add new in the search bar indicate CyberOffice

Plugins / add / cyberoffice

2-Configuring the CyberOffice plugin

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Settings to access the configuration

1Test connectionAll checkmarks must be green for the module to work properly
2CyberOffice InfosFollow the different steps to correctly install the files on Dolibarr ERP/CRM
3Webservice keyThis security key is to be copied in Dolibarr
4KeyCopy here key generated in Dolibarr (Dolibarr/webservices module)
5Dolibarr pathCopy the full url of Dolibarr
6Dolibarr authentificationThis is the Dolibarr (Super Admin) connection login (ID) and the corresponding password. (Do not indicate the email address)
7EntityPut 1 by default, if you are in multi companies choose the corresponding id
8WarehouseIndex (id) of the warehouse used (displayed in the Dolibarr url)
9Default languageChoose the language used
10Status to synchronizeIt is the chosen statuses that trigger the synchronization of orders and invoices in Dolibarr. Those by default “Pending payment”, “Progressing”, “On hold”, “Completed” correspond to 99% of uses, if you don’t know, leave them configured like this. If you check them all, there will be permanent synchronizations in Dolibarr at each stage of orders and invoices.
11PrefixIf your WooCommerce products do not have a reference (SKU) put the prefix you want to identify your products in Dolibarr. If all your products have a reference in WooCommerce put {ref} they will be taken over and used in Dolibarr.
12Save changesSave your configuration by clicking on the button.
All checkmarks must be green
Complete all fields
Synchronization statuses

3-Follow instructions CyberOffice infos

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1Install the module under WordPress WoocommerceDans le back office click on plugins / Add and search for cyberoffice
2Download the module_cyberoffice.zip unzip it, and place the “cyberoffice” directory and its content at the root of Dolibarr at the same level as the main directories of Dolibarr. (Do not use custom)Download the module_cyberoffice.zip unzip it, and place the “cyberoffice” directory and its content at the root of Dolibarr at the same level as the main directories of Dolibarr. (Do not use custom)
3Under Dolibarr: Activate the webservice (API/WEB SERVICES SOAP server) and generate the key (home-configuration-modules-modules interfaces-webservices) Activate the CyberOffice moduleCopy the webservices key and paste it in the KEY field in the module in WooCommerce and copy the security key of the module in WooCommerce in the “webservice key of the shop” area of ​​the module in Dolibarr
4Under WordPress: Configure the extension. All fields must be completedSee point 2 above “Configuring the CyberOffice plugin
5Everything is ticked green? Your synchronization is operationalYou must imperatively have all the green ticks for the extension to be functional.
6Initialize the database “Category” and “Product”To be performed in order as indicated in the “Initialization” procedure in the extension. Categories are essential for product synchronization.
7Optional: You can synchronize your existing orders and customersIn the CyberOffice tool choose a start and end date to synchronize the history of customers and orders.
CyberOffice Installation Instructions

Point 6 : Initialization: Depending on the number of categories or products, the synchronization delay will be more or less long, you must wait for the response from the server which will be of type: Response batch1: sent. (in case of timeout, perform synchronizations by slice).

Initialization of categories and products and orders

Point 7 : Synchronize existing orders on WooCommerce before installing the module. Customers and orders will be synchronized at the same time.

WooCommerce Server Information

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8cUrl extension must be available on your servercURL must be active on the server for the module to work
9Soap extension must be available on your serverSOAP must be active on the server for the module to work
10default_socket_timeout : 60Current value for the correct operation of the module*
11max_execution_time : 165Current value for the proper functioning of the module and its installation by the wizard*
12memory_limit : 512Mcorrect functioning of the module*
13display_error : 1Must be switched to OFF (1) imperatively for the proper functioning of the webservices.
*The value may be higher but certainly not lower
Server connection

How sync status work

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Choose which status will trigger the synchronization of orders, invoices and payments to Dolibarr. If you don’t know, leave the default values ​​that will work in all cases.Trigger status synchronization of orders and invoices on Dolibarr

Trigger status synchronization of orders and invoices on Dolibarr

Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Dolibarr ERP/CRM module

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1-Download and unzip the module_cyberoffice.zip file and place its content at the root of Dolibarr at the same level as the main directories of Dolibarr

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Do not install in the Custom directory. Do not use the installer, but install at the same level as the main directories of Dolibarr

2-Activate Webservices module, copy key in WooCommerce

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Key to copy in the CyberOffice plugin on WooCommerce (key field)

3-Activate the CyberOffice module and the categories (in multi-module tools)

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Enable CyberOffice module and categories

-Activate the services module

Activate the services module on Dolibarr

4-Automatic creation of discounts and shipping

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If the services are not created, you must switch the CyberOffice module to Off then On. This restarts the creation of services. Only the labels can be modified according to your needs

Only the labels can be modified according to your needs

5-Copy here the webservices key generated in Dolibarr

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Copy the key generated in the CyberOffice module in the KEY field of the plugin on Woocommerce

Copy the key in the CyberOffice plugin in the KEY field

CyberOffice KEY field on WooCommerce

6-Copy the Webservice key (security) generated in the CyberOffice plugin on WooCommerce in Dolibarr

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Copy the WooCommerce webservices key into the module on Dolibarr
CyberOffice webservice key in WooCommerce to copy to the Cyberoffice module in Dolibarr

7-Check if the warehouse is created

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Create a warehouse if it does not exist

-Identify your ID to inform it about Woocommerce

The Dolibarr warehouse ID is indicated in the URL

8-Check if the VAT rates are identical to those of WooCommerce

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Woocommerce VAT rates must be present in Dolibarr.

9-Synchronization of stocks and setting of the decrementation method

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In the CyberOffice module of Dolibarr set the “Stock synchronization” option to YES
Choose the stock decrement corresponding to your organization

10-Associate payment methods with bank accounts (once the WooCommerce database is linked)

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Associate payments with bank accounts

CyberOffice Module Dashboard

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The features accessible from the dashboard

Clients :

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-Synchronization of client’s language (pdf translation)⛔Not available for WooCommerce

-Force the name to uppercase

Products :

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Stock Synchronization

YES/NO: This function allows you to synchronize or not the indicated stocYES/NO: This function allows you to synchronize or not the indicated stocks of Woocommerce products.ks of Woocommerce products.

Do not sync descriptions

YES/NO : This function allows you to synchronize or not the descriptions


YES/NO : This feature allows you to synchronize WooCommerce variations in the “PRODUCT VARIANTS” module of Dolibarr

Orders :

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1 discount line per Prestashop discount

YES/NO : Create a discount line by PrestaDiscount

Creation of a PrestaDiscount reduction per line

Synchronization of Prestashop ref with the order reference

YES/NO : Woocommerce order numbering is synchronized in Dolibarr at the order number level.

Synchronization of Prestashop ref with the customer reference

YES/NO : The numbering of Woocommerce orders is synchronized in Dolibarr at the Ref.Customer level

Invoices :

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Provision of the download link on Prestashop

YES/NO : Provision of the Dolibarr invoice in the download link in the WooCommerce customer area.

Dolibarr invoice available in Woocommerce
Dolibarr invoice downloaded from WooCommerce customer area


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