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Eye4Fraud Online Fraud Protection Software

Plugin Installation

Eye4Fraud Plugin gives you peace of mind as an online merchant. It sends your online orders paid using Paypal or Authorize.net where we screen, verify and guarantee the transaction so you can sell and ship with confidence. This plugin is compatible with Paypal Standard; Authorize.net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin only, this document describes how to install it.

Installation Procedure

How it Works
All successful orders are sent to Eye4Fraud check as soon as the customer places their order. The status of the order can be viewed in the Order Grid.


This module, periodically, connects to Eye4Fraud servers and fetches the latest status of pending transactions, and updates it inside Woocommerce Order Grid. You can also get the order’s latest eye4fraud response by clicking “Get Order Status”.

This is highly recommended that before installing the extension on live, install this extension on staging and make sure that everything works fine there.


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