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Groovy Video

Important: This theme was retired in June 2012. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Adding Video Posts ↑ Back to top

Add a video by copying the embed code from your favorite video site (i.e., YouTube or Vimeo) into the Groovy Video Custom Settings field. It will automatically be resized to fit in the post. Though we recommend you use the default, you can set a manual height or width using the extra fields under the embed code.

Adding Images to Posts ↑ Back to top

Background Information

Our themes use a custom image resizing script (thumb.php) that dynamically resize, cropping and creating an image in the appropriate size needed for the template. It is optional to use this in Groovy Video. If you don’t elect to use it, you need to manually resize all thumbnails to 190×142 px before adding them to Custom Settings.


To add images to your posts:

  1. On the Write > Post tab, complete all standard fields when adding a new post.
  2. Click the Add Media icon, and upload an image of your choice.
  3. Once uploaded, copy the complete Link URL field.
  4. Scroll down to the Busy Bee Custom Settings panel and paste the Link URL into the Image field.


Setting up the WP-PostRatings Plugins ↑ Back to top

This awesome plugin allows you to change the layout of its output. For optimal use, we suggest that you mimic our setup. Alter the plugin options as our screenshots show:

You also need to enable the use of PNG images for the plugin by editing wp-postratings.php with the following code:

Change this:

### Define Image Extension
define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'gif');
//define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'png');

To this:
### Define Image Extension
//define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'gif');
define('RATINGS_IMG_EXT', 'png');

Custom Groovy Video Widgets ↑ Back to top

There are a few Groovy Video-specific widgets to allow you more customization options. Here’s a brief description:

  • Woo – Flickr*
  • Woo – Subscribe*

* There are options inside the widget that you need to set for it to operate properly

Go to Appearance -> Widgets to add these to widgetized areas that include:

  • Sidebar (single post)
  • Footer left
  • Footer middle
  • Footer right

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