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Hello Trello

This guide is intended to be used by developers working with us on our WooCommerce Extension Trello board.

Submit extension idea

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Before you begin work on an extension for sale at WooCommerce.com.com, the idea needs to be approved by a WooCommerce staff member. This is to ensure there are no conflicts with internal projects and to certify that there is a valid market for this particular product. To submit an extension idea, please fill in and submit this form.


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A WooStaff member will get back to you to approve, disprove or ask further questions about your idea.

Hello Trello

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Once the idea is approved, a card will be created on the Trello board (in the planned/ideas list) and you will be added.

In development

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Once you begin building an extension in the ideas list, move the card to the ‘In development’ list by dragging and dropping. At this stage it is appreciated, though not mandatory, that you indicate when you believe the extension may be ready for audit. This allows us to better schedule and arrange any PR we feel the extension warrants. Remember to have a look at other extensions on Github to get a basic idea of naming conventions and code standards.
We have an unwritten rule on Trello – you may assign yourself to two idea cards and two in development cards at once. This is the fairest way to stop authors stock-piling the best extension ideas for themselves!

New Plugin Audits

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Please supply us with a short screencast, walking us through the basics of your product. This helps our marketing and support teams get a better overall understanding of your product, and assists the auditing process.
Once you’ve fully tested the extension and feel it is ready for audit, drag the card to the New Plugin Audit list. Remember to double check everything (with wp_debug on) before submitting. If we encounter any errors, the card will be moved straight back to the development list. When you move the card the Audit list, you’re declaring “The extension is complete – I am happy for customers to start paying for it” – so please make sure it works as described! 🙂 If the extension integrates with a third party service (such as a payment gateway), please attach testing details (such as account IDs API keys, etc.) to the card for us to test with. At this stage, you should also begin thinking about writing documentation and a product description for the listing page. If you need author access to the documentation site to draft your content, post on the P2 or extension card. Once we’ve tested the extension, we’ll respond on the card with feedback and notify you of bugs if amendments are required. In this case, the card will be moved back to the development list pending your changes. Once you’ve fixed the issues, drag the card to the audit list again and the process repeats until all issues are resolved.

Awaiting Docs/Tweaks/Keys

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Once we’re happy with functionality of the extension and satisfied that everything is working, the card will be moved to a list treated as a preliminary launch queue. If your extension is here, then it’s your responsibility to deliver documentation and sales content in accordance with the due date on the card (or as soon as possible, if no due date is set). The sales template for listing content can be found at WooCommerce Extension Template. The better the page, the more sales you’ll get, so consider including screenshots and videos. If you supply the html markup, you’ll save us a bunch of time 🙂 At this stage, add to the card:
  • Shortlink to your extensions documentation at docs.woocommerce.com (add to the card description)
  • Your WooCommerce.com username (add to the card description).
  • Your PayPal ID (add to the card description).
  • Sales content (Attach a .txt. Use markup in the template if possible – images can be hosted at docs.woocommerce.com if you like).
  • Relevant screenshots.
  • Cropped logo on a white background (Payment gateways/shipping methods).
  • URL you want us to link to here.

The other lists

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Brief description of other lists – mostly self explanatory.

Ready To Drop

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For internal use. Cards on this list are 100% ready for launch. Once a card is moved to the “Ready To Drop” list, our Marketing team will go about their business, preparing special launch materials and giving the product the attention it rightly deserves. Once the Marketing team has launch materials ready, they will set a due date on the card that will act as the launch date.

Deploy Update

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Extensions here have been patched, tested and are ready to be deployed. Once you’ve fixed a bug, move the card to this list.


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Live extensions with bugs are listed here. Details of bugs will be attached to the card and should be actioned ASAP. Remember to always update changelogs when patching extensions.


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Live extensions with no known issues.


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  • There are a lot of cards on our Trello board (seriously must be some kind of record). To create easier viewing, use the filter tool to only display cards that you’re assigned to.