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Insert WooSlider Slideshow

WooSlider comes bundled with several methods for adding slideshows to your website: a shortcode, various slideshow widgets and a template tag. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to inserting your first slideshow into your content, using the WooSlider shortcode creator.

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WooSlider’s menu is situated in the most natural location possible within WordPress: the Upload/Insert Media popup window. To access this popup window, click the Upload/Insert Media button above the content editor when adding or editing a page or blog post.


Once the popup window is open, navigate to the Slideshows tab.


Once viewing the Slideshows tab, a Slideshow Type select box is displayed, with the default of Attached Images selected. This is the quickest and simplest form of slideshow available within WooSlider (it slides through the images that were uploaded to the current page or blog post).

Selecting a slideshow type from this select box changes the settings you see in the popup window, according to which settings apply for the selected slideshow type. In the above example of the Attached Images slideshow type, we have the Number of Images and Use thumbnails for Pagination settings. These settings control the maximum number of images to be displayed, and whether to use dots or thumbnails for pagination, respectively.

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If you wish to do so, at this stage, clicking the Advanced Settings button allows for any of the settings from the Slideshows > Settings screen to be overridden for this specific slideshow. While we’re just getting started, let’s leave that section for now.

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When done adjusting the settings for the selected slideshow type, click the Insert Slideshow button. This closes the popup and adds your newly-created shortcode into the content of your page or blog post. By default, the shortcode should look something like this (assuming each of the two settings was customised):

Saving and/or publishing the page or blog post is the last step. From there, you’ve inserted your first WooSlider slideshow!


Note: When using the Attached Images slideshow type, the page or blog post in question requires that images be uploaded (and thus, attached) to it. This is done using the Upload/Insert Media button and by uploading images directly through the popup window.

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