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Important: This theme was retired in February 2014. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Installation ↑ Back to top

After installing the Premiere theme, go to Settings > Permalinks and click the “Save Changes” button, even if you haven’t made any changes. This registers the custom post types and custom taxonomy used in the theme.

Setting up the home page ↑ Back to top

The screenshot shows the Premiere home page with each of its modules explained.

The Premiere home page explained.

The home page is flexible, with a featured slider that can be disabled in the theme options. The top navigation menu can be enabled or disabled with any navigation items using Appearance > Menus.

There are four widgetized areas for placement of custom Woo widgets in the footer.

Adding a video post ↑ Back to top

The Premiere theme uses a custom post type called “Video” to store all the video content. Adding a video post follows a similar structure to adding a blog post. More detail below:

  1. Go to Videos > Add New and add a new video item
  2. Enter a title
  3. Add/assign a category. In the demo we have categories such as Films, Music, Sport, etc.
  4. Add a tag to the post to further categorize it. This is an important step if you wish a video to appear in the slider.
  5. Add text as content to describe the video item
  6. Enter the video embed code in the “Premiere” Custom Settings area
  7. Upload a video image.
    Note: The Premiere theme will automatically look for the video thumbnail image associated if you are using an embed code from YouTube or Vimeo.
  8. Specify the slider output (if this video is going to appear in the home page featured slider), i.e., If you want it to display the video or image specified in step. 7.
  9. Choose the layout of the video post page, i.e., A sidebar on the left or right or none.
  10. Choose the caption position in the slide (if this video will appear in the featured slider).
  11. Publish, and repeat for next video item

Setting up the video featured slider ↑ Back to top

The unique home page featured slider can be used to display noteworthy video posts.

It is tag based. Once you specify the tag it must loop through to display its corresponding videos, add that tag to the video posts you want to feature. It displays the title of the post, the excerpt, and the optional custom image that is the focal point.

Select whether to display the image or the video itself in each slide in the featured video slider.

Adding a video to the featured slider

Once you’ve added video posts to your WordPress site, you can add specific ones to the featured slider on the home page. This is done by adding the assigned tag you specified in theme options (in the demo we created a tag called “featured”) to the video post.

Adding the slider allocated tag to a video post so that it appears in the home page slider.

Custom Premiere widgets ↑ Back to top

There are eight custom widgets that can be added to five widgetized areas — one in the sidebar (Primary) and four in the footer.

The custom woo widgets are:

  • Woo – Adspace
  • Woo – Search
  • Woo – Tabs
  • Woo – Twitter Stream
  • Woo – Flickr
  • Woo – Blog Author Info
  • Woo – Embed/Video
  • Woo – Subscribe/Connect

To learn more, see: How to Add Widgets.

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