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Search Merchandising


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  • Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  • Click Install Now, and then Activate.


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Once you have installed and activated the plugin go to Products > Search Merchandising, this is your Search Merchandising dashboard.

On first installation the dashboard will show no data, as customers search for products on your website the dashboard will be updated.


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The terms tab lists all the terms which users of your website have used to search for products on your website.

Within the terms tab you can see:

  • Term searched
  • Number of searches
  • Average results
  • Products clicked from term search

You can assign the following options on specific terms:

  • Content before/after search results (see details below)
  • Boosts (select specific products to appear higher in search results)
  • Redirect (redirect a specific search term to another URL)


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To assign content to a search term you must first add content using the buttons top right.

Adding content is done through the WordPress block editor allowing you to create any content you wish and use any blocks available within your WordPress installation. Once you’ve created your content save the content then return to the dashboard and it will be available for selection as before and after content from the content fields under the content column in the terms tab.

You can edit previously created content using the Manage Content button top right.


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The products tab lists all the products which users of your website have clicked while searching for products on your website.

Within the products tab you can see:

  • Product clicked
  • Number of clicks
  • Search terms used to lead to product click


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The insights tab displays charts illustrating both term and product related data.


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You can order the results within the dashboard by clicking the column headers.

You can filter results by date range and/or specific search terms using the date and search fields next to the tabs at the top of the page.


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You can access settings using the top right settings button, you can control:

  • Rows per page
  • Disable tracking for specific user roles
  • Delete data on uninstall
  • Reset data


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