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Projects is a lean plugin that creates a custom post type for you to add and display your work.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

Add the Projects Page ↑ Back to top

The first step is to set up your base Projects page. This page displays your most recent projects and any content you add as a description above them. Once set up, this page it can then be added to your WordPress Menus.

  1. Go to: Pages > Add New to create your page.
  2. Add a title such as ‘Projects’ or ‘Portfolio’ and optionally add a description to display on the page.
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Go to: Projects > Settings to select the page you just created.
  5. Save changes.


If you navigate to that page now, you will see the description you added and a message saying that no projects have been found.

The next step is to define project thumbnail dimensions in the Project Settings. This will be largely dependent on your theme so you will need to take a look at what size your theme displays the images on the front-end.

Add a New Project ↑ Back to top

  1. Go to: Projects > Add New.
  2. Add a title and optionally add a description.
  3. Upload a Featured Image.
  4. Add Media to upload multiple images to create a gallery.
  5. Publish the Project.

Configure Project Image Settings ↑ Back to top

If you aren’t sure what size your Project images size settings should be for your theme:

  1. Follow the steps above to add a test project.
  2. Go to the newly created project page to view this on the front-end of your site.
  3. Use the ‘Inspect Element‘ tool to determine the image size settings with your theme.
  4. Go to: Projects > Settings to enter your desired image size settings. This setting will resize your images upon upload.
Note: If you need to change the Projects image size settings after uploading images for other Projects, you must use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to help resize the images to apply the new image size settings.

One thing to consider is whether you want to support HiDPI (retina) screens. If so be sure to set these dimensions to twice the size your theme displays the images on the frontend.

FAQ ↑ Back to top

I’m getting a 404 error on project pages. How can I fix it? ↑ Back to top

Go to Settings > Permalinks and save the settings again. This will refresh the rewrite rules and refresh permalinks to link up to the correct portfolio links.

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