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Version 1.x and WooCommerce 2.x

Here you can find the documentation based on the outdated version 1.x of the WooCommerce Product Search extension and WooCommerce 2.x. This documentation is provided as a historic reference only and we recommend to upgrade to the latest releases.
  • Setup – A general overview on configuring plugin options and settings.
  • Search Weights – Specific information about how search weights work.
  • Shortcodes – Shows you how you can show search fields anywhere in your content.
  • Widgets – This provides details on using search widgets in your sidebars.
  • Themes – (for developers) Here you can find specific information about theme integration.
  • API – (for developers) This section provides instructions and examples on how to use the plugin’s API in your theme templates. You will also find details on how to replace the default search form.

Curious to see how it looks like in action? Here’s a short video:

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