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WooDojo – Tab Grouping

Please note: This product has been retired and is no longer available for download.

Tab Grouping is a feature of WooDojo that allows you to create groups of tabs. These groups of tabs can then be used within the WooDojo Tabs widget to customize what tabs are displayed with the widget, and what order they are displayed in.

Using Tab Grouping

Setup ↑ Back to top

Adding a Tab Grouping ↑ Back to top

Screenshot on 2014-09-05 at 14-48-58
To add a Tab Grouping browse to the “Tab Grouping” settings page. From here on the left side you can add a Grouping by entering a name and choosing what tabs you would like to be included within this group. Then click “Add Tab Group” to save the grouping.

Reordering a Grouping’s Tabs ↑ Back to top

To change the order of a grouping’s tabs simply click and drag the tabs into your preferred order. If tabs are left unchecked then they will not be displayed, so they can be ignored when ordering the tabs.


Editing a Tab Grouping ↑ Back to top

Tab groupings can be edited at any time from the Tab Grouping settings page. Click on the Tab Groupings name or the edit link below it, which will take you to an edit screen. Here you can re-name the Tab Grouping or change what tabs are included in the grouping.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 14.56.06

Deleting a Tab Grouping ↑ Back to top

To delete a tab grouping hover over the grouping’s name and click the Delete link that appears. Any widgets that were using a grouping that is deleted will revert back to the default of all four tabs.

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