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WooFramework Release Notes

This document serves as a reader-friendly list of the significant items for each version of the WooFramework, the engine that powers all Woo themes.

We encourage the reading of this list prior to upgrading the WooFramework on your website, as updates to the WooFramework may require an additional action on the part of you and/or your website administrator.

Version 6

Version 6.2.x ↑ Back to top

6.2.7 ↑ Back to top

30th June 2016

  • This release contains the following fixes and deprecations:
    • Fixes the syntax of the Google Fonts variants to ensure they load properly.
    • Moved PHP/JS files into separate JS files loaded for the shortcode generator
    • Removed old logic for shortcode generator dialogs.

6.2.6 ↑ Back to top

14th April 2016

  • Replaces use of deprecated function add_object_page() with add_menu_page() for WP 4.5+ compatibility.

6.2.5 ↑ Back to top

8th April 2016

  • Fixes post hook output on pages for Woo Hooks Manager in Canvas.

6.2.4 ↑ Back to top

25th March 2016

  • Fixes warning message on creating posts where Saving Draft would show in the editor.

6.2.3 ↑ Back to top

10th December 2015

  • Fixes woo_breadcrumbs() WP 4.4 compatibility for get_the_terms() on pages.

6.2.2 ↑ Back to top

9th November 2015

  • This release contains the following fixes and deprecations:
    • Ninja forms conflict in wp-admin for get_current_screen()
    • Removal of deprecated JS files

6.2.1 ↑ Back to top

2nd October 2015

  • This release contains various fixes, as well as removal of warning notices for PHP7. Notable fixes include:
    • Filter override for woo_image() – stage 1 of deprecation plan for woo_image() in favor of native post thumbnail functionality
    • Warning notices for PHP7
    • Warning notices for style keys
    • Windows directory path output correction
    • Shortcode generator window content overflow issue

6.2.0 ↑ Back to top

7th May 2015

  • This release contains various fixes, a deprecation, and an improvement to the WF_Fields class. Notable fixes include:
    • https issues including with woo_get_video_image()
    • Better Custom CSS theme option escaping.
    • Chosen.js select fields RTL.
    • Deprecation of the woo_short_url() function in anticipation of WooDojo’s retirement.
    • Addition of the add_field() method to the WF_Fields class.
    • Styling tweaks to the Backups Settings buttons and the Framework screen.

Version 6.1.x ↑ Back to top

6.1.4 ↑ Back to top

21st April 2015

  • Fix – Potential XSS vulnerability (admin-functions.php & classes/class-wf-settings.php)

6.1.2 ↑ Back to top

6th February 2015

  • This release contains a small but important fix for theme settings. Typography settings were not saving correctly in 6.1.1 due to a stripslashes issue, this has been rectified and the settings will save correctly now.

6.1.1 ↑ Back to top

4th February 2015

  • This release focusses on the removal of a warning notice on the navigation menu screen when adding pages to a menu, as well as fixing the shortcode generator button issue which required the toolbar button to be clicked twice to open the form – it now works as expected by opening the form after clicking the button once.

6.1.0 ↑ Back to top

11th December 2014

  • This release focusses the removal of timthumb from the WooFramework. This improves security and load time and now uses the WordPress core functionality for image resizing.
  • Secondary fixes include open sans font weight fixes, and a fix for slashes being added unnecessarily in theme settings.

Version 6.0.0 ↑ Back to top

6.0.4 ↑ Back to top

4th September 2014

  • This release focusses on minor improvements to the handling of settings fields. The “woo_ad_top_adsense” field now supports JavaScript, and the “Bold/Italic” variant on “typography” fields now outputs correctly.A minor improvement has been made to the handling of breadcrumbs, to include support for handling taxonomy term names which include a comma in their title.

6.0.3 ↑ Back to top

30th July 2014

  • This release fixes a bug related to the “typography” fields and how they interpret the system fonts on output.Additional optimizations were made to woo_title(), to avoid edge cases where titles were being returned rather than output, to the meta boxes to ensure the meta box ID is a strong and not an integer (array key) and to the “Framework” and “Welcome” screens to allow themes and child themes to specify additional WordPress.org plugins which they add support for.

6.0.2 ↑ Back to top

16th July 2014

  • This release fixes two bugs related to the “typography” fields, the first being the correct preservation of font sizes when “em” is selected as the font size format, and the second being the correct preservation of system fonts when selected in a “typography” field.

6.0.1 ↑ Back to top

15th July 2014

  • This release ensures the “slider” field type is correctly output and validated on save, textarea fields correctly handle CSS and JavaScript (the Google Analytics field is the only textarea field to handle JavaScript) and a few other compatibility tweaks such as removing the use of the array_replace() function, such that PHP 5.2 works correctly, handling custom excerpt text correctly and ensuring the default values for “border” and “typography” fields are correctly processed, if the field hasn’t yet been saved.

6.0.0 ↑ Back to top

3rd July 2014

  • Introduces a new welcome screen, when activating the theme or child theme. This screen welcomes the administrator to their new theme, offers links to helpful documentation, the option of installing and activating supported plugins and a link to configure the theme.
  • Introduces a new “Framework” screen which provides details about the current theme setup (versions of the child theme, parent theme and WooFramework) as well as links to tools such as the settings backup tool and the internal WooFramework updater.
  • Introduces a new, WordPress-centric user interface for the theme settings screen. This screen makes full use of WordPress core field types, as well as provides direct links to documentation, changelog and help via Woo support.
  • Enhances the breadcrumbs functionality to handle taxonomy terms on a single entry view more intelligently, with filters for granular control. Adds enhancements for WooCommerce screens to handle the display of the “Shop” link more intelligently.
  • Introduces a new object-oriented structure of classes, using the WF_ naming convention (more information).
  • Removes legacy Express App functionality.

Version 5

Version 5.5.x ↑ Back to top

5.5.6 ↑ Back to top

17th April 2014

  • Introduces compatibility for TinyMCE 4.0 (WordPress 3.9 and higher) to the shortcode generator.

5.5.5 ↑ Back to top

5th March 2013

  • Improved functionality used to process Google Webfonts and output a single “link” tag for all loaded Google Webfonts.

5.5.4 ↑ Back to top

6th February 2013

  • Added global variable for storing all used Google Webfonts.
  • Removed preg_match() call from the custom typography shortcode.
  • Added functionality used to process Google Webfonts and output a single “link” tag for all loaded Google Webfonts.

5.5.3 ↑ Back to top

20th December 2012

  • Added Thin and Thin/Italic to typography theme settings.
  • Introduced wooframework_get_theme_version_data() function for use when retrieving theme and WooFramework version data. Used in “generator” meta tag and admin headers, for example.
  • Use wp_get_image_editor() for image resizing if using vt_resize() with WordPress 3.5+.
  • Upgraded TimThumb to version 2.8.11.

5.5.2 ↑ Back to top

6th December 2012

  • Added informative notice banner to “Theme Settings” screen if a static front page is in use.
  • Added “alt-style-X” body CSS class for the current alt style in use.

5.5.1 ↑ Back to top

22nd November 2012

  • woo_image() now more accurately calculates the image height of an attached image, if no height is specified.
  • Updated styling of the “Upload” buttons for WordPress 3.5 continuity.

5.5.0 ↑ Back to top

5th November 2012

  • Removed WP App Store bridge code.
  • Fix woo_pagination() for search queries and for taxonomy archives, to ensure query is preserved correctly.
  • Fixed over-escaping in the cleanSource() function.
  • Remove all WooSEO-related code.
  • Remove Sidebar Manager code and update the woo_sidebar() and woo_active_sidebar() functions to act as wrappers for dynamic_sidebar() and is_active_sidebar().

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