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Why is there a charge from WooPay.id on my credit card?

If you see WooPay.id on your credit card statement, it does not mean you made a purchase with WooCommerce.com. Instead, it means you made a purchase with a business accepting payments via WooCommerce Payments, a service like PayPal.

Businesses use WooCommerce Payments to sell many different types of products, including:

  • Physical products, like clothing or food.
  • Services, like personal training or business coaching.
  • Virtual products, like music, eBooks or software.

If you do not recognize the transaction associated with WooPay.id, we can help you identify the charge. Please do not dispute the charge as the dispute can negatively impact small businesses that you have transacted with.

Identifying the transaction

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To identify the charge, check your inbox for email receipts around the day and time the charge was processed with your credit card.

Please also check in your spam folder.

If you received a lot of email during that period, you can search for the email receipt. By default, the subject of email receipts sent by WooCommerce end with “order has been received” and in the body of the email, it will say “thank you for your order“. Try searching your inbox for one or both of these phrases.

If you don’t find any emails, it is possible that the transaction is still legitimate and that the business changed the content of the email or that there was an error sending the email.

Contact us

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If you are unable to recall the purchase or find an email about the transaction, you can contact the WooCommerce Support team to request we find the website related to the charge for you.

To request assistance, please provide:

  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Amount of the transaction
  • Full name on your credit card account
  • Billing Zipcode of your credit card
  • Last 4 digits of your credit card

You can submit this information in the support form here.

Once the charge has been identified, you will need to be able to email us from the same email address used with the charge before we will disclose the business’ website URL. This protects the privacy of customers making purchases via WooCommerce Payments.

Why WooPay.id?

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WooPay.id is a unique URL not used for any other purpose than to link to this page. Using a unique URL allows customers find this document so that we can help identify the charge and avoid a dispute negatively impacting a business selling with WooCommerce Payments.

Updating the statement descriptor

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If you are business selling with WooCommerce Payments, you can update the statement descriptor used to identify your store via your Payments > Settings screen under the Customer bank statement.

In you need assistance setting up the statement descriptor, please contact support.


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