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Deactivating Woo Subscriptions with WooPayments active

With WooPayments, there are potentially two ways to sell subscription products:

See this document for a comparison between the two options, as well as information on why the Stripe Billing feature might not be available for you.

This document reviews what happens if you are using WooPayments in addition to the Woo Subscriptions plugin, and then you deactivate Woo Subscriptions.

NOTE: Woo Subscriptions and the Stripe Billing feature of WooPayments have some differences in features. Please be sure that you are not using any of the features exclusive to Woo Subscriptions before you deactivate it.

Warning before deactivating

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If you go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click Deactivate for the Woo Subscriptions extension, a popup will warn you of the consequences of doing so:

To deactivate Woo Subscriptions, click Yes, deactivate WooCommerce Subscriptions. Otherwise, click Cancel to keep Woo Subscriptions activated.

Effects on existing subscriptions

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Existing subscriptions will be set to manual renewal as soon as the Woo Subscriptions extension is deactivated. This means that, on their next renewal date, your subscribers will get an email with a link to log into your site and pay for their renewal by hand.

After each customer has manually renewed one time, WooPayments will “take over” the subscription and automatic payments will resume.

Effects on new subscriptions

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New subscriptions will use the Stripe Billing feature of WooPayments from the first transaction, and as such will not need to renewal manually.