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Worldpay e-Commerce Gateway

From 14 October 2022, you will not be able to accept online payments through Worldpay Online Payments (WPOP) gateway. In order to support your online payments going forward, we have worked with your integration partner WooCommerce/Chrome Orange to set you up on the new Worldpay e-Commerce Gateway

What do I need to do?

It is extremely important that you take urgent action if you wish to migrate to our alternative Worldpay eCommerce Gateway so you can keep accepting online payments with Worldpay. 

You will receive your log in details to the new gateway and will need to use these within 24 hours to create an account. If you have missed this window, please email ngwcustomerservices@fisglobal.com with the organisation ID included in the first email and ask for the activation email to be sent again. 

Details of how to set up a Secure Acceptance profile can be found  here

Creating a secure acceptance security key

A Secure acceptance security key consists of two components: an Access key and a Secret key. You can create an Access key and a Secret key via Enterprise Business Center (EBC) > Security Keys > Generate new key. 

Further detais on setting up a Security key can be found here

To update a secure acceptance security key

Log in to the Business Center environment that contains the Secure Acceptance profile you are working with. 

  • Select Payment Configuration > Secure Acceptance Settings.
  • From INACTIVE PROFILES, select the checkbox for the profile that you want to create keys for – this is the one ending in ‘gbpgbpe’
  • Select Edit Profile.
  • Select the SECURITY tab.
  • Select Create Key to generate a new key.
  • From the Key Creation screen, enter a descriptive Key Name. Note: your key cannot exceed 40 alphanumeric characters. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.
  • Leave the following fields at the default:
              a. Signature Version as 1.
              b. Signature Method as HMAC-SHA256.
  • Select CREATE and then Confirm.
  • Within 120 seconds, copy and paste the displayed access key and secret key into a text editor or select the file download icon to save both in a .txt file. Note: If the windows closes before you are done, select View Key (View Key button) to display it again.
  • Make a note of the Profile-ID
  • After seeing the new key listed under ACTIVE KEYS, set the profile to active by selecting BACK TO PROFILES, select the desired profile’s checkbox.
  • Select Promote Profile, and Confirm.

More information

For further support please contact your Partner Relationship Manager.

Once you have the Profile ID and keys you can add these to the settings page in WooCommerce and you are ready to take orders.

If you do not have a testing login (https://worldpay.ubctest.cybersource.com/ebc2/) then you can use the default keys included with the plugin to confirm that everything is working correctly.