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Getting Started


  • Express Checkout for WooCommerce

    Getting Started Welcome to the Express Checkout Support Page for WooCommerce. Learn the basics of installing and using the Express Checkout plugin on WooCommerce Once you’ve purchased Express Checkout for WooCommerce, you can download the plugin from your confirmation email or WooCommerce account. To install it, follow these steps: Go to Plugins > Add New […]

  • Bulk Edit Products, Prices and Attributes

    If your store has a large number of products, it becomes difficult to edit, update as well as manage those products individually. For example, if you have products with lots of variations, it is a difficult task to update all the attributes and variations to the products. This Bulk Edit plugin helps to do the […]

  • Setting Up and Installing Popup by POWR

    POWR Popup is a flexible tool for creating popup messages on a webpage. Popup lets you do the following awesome things: Create Email Capture Popups Capture more leads and grow your email list by using the Email Capture template. You can easily adjust your layout, colors, text and button. You can also create your own […]

  • What is a WooCommerce Feature Plugin?

    The Features as Plugins model for was introduced in WordPress 3.7 as a way for features to be developed for inclusion in WordPress core. The model allows a feature to be built, tested, refined, and polished before it is considered as a merge candidate. When it comes to WooCommerce, we have adopted something similar: When […]

  • Getting Started with Contact Details

    Installation Contact Details is a free plugin for displaying contact details on your website. You can install it through your WordPress admin dashboard in Plugins > Add New. After installing the plugin, you will see a new menu item in your WP dashboard under the Settings -> Contact Details. Adding Contact Details To add contact details, go to Settings > Contact Details: […]

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