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Getting Started


  • MWB One-Click Order Reorder

    Overview  MWB One-Click Order ReOrder has been designed and developed to rid customers of the struggles that come along with reordering. Using this plugin, customers are able to place a previously placed order through a single click. A portable trolley is created in which the customers can collect products from different pages. They can also […]

  • Linking a project to a product

    Since Projects 1.2.0, linking a project to a WooCommerce product can be easily achieved to provide visitors with a way to purchase a project from the project page. Install WooCommerce First of all you need to install our WooCommerce plugin. This will give you access to all the WooCommerce goodness of which you can use […]

  • Adding testimonials to projects

    Since Projects 1.1.0, adding a testimonial to a project can be easily achieved with our Testimonials plugin. Install Testimonials First of all you need to install our Testimonials plugin. This will give you the ability to add and manage all of your customers testimonials. You can find installation instructions at Testimonials documentation. Add a testimonial Before […]

  • Widgets included with Projects

    Projects comes with the following widgets built in: Recent Projects Displays the most recent projects with an option to specify how many to display. Project Categories Displays project categories with options to also display hierarchy and count (of projects in the category).

  • Installation

    Automatic installation Automatic installation is the most straightforward option as WordPress handles the file transfer and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Projects, log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to: Plugins > Add New. In the search field, type “Projects” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve […]

  • Projects

    Projects is a lean plugin that creates a custom post type for you to add and display your work. Setup and Configuration Add the Projects Page The first step is to set up your base Projects page. This page displays your most recent projects and any content you add as a description above them. Once […]

  • Shortcodes

    Projects come with the following shortcodes: Projects [projects limit=”12″ columns=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” exclude_categories=””] limit – Defines how many projects to display columns – Defines how many columns to arrange projects into orderby – Defines what to order projects by. For example, by date. more order – Defines how to order. For example, desc. more exclude_categories […]


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