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Supporting Marketplace Extensions

Guidelines for providing support for extensions sold on WooCommerce.com, including setup procedures, and expectations.


  • Support Guidelines for WooCommerce Marketplace

    Marketplace Developers handle support for all the products they sell through WooCommerce.com. Support expectations Marketplace Developers will handle all email support for the products they sell on WooCommerce.com, in line with the Support Policy published on WooCommerce.com. Marketplace Developers do not have access to live chat support at this time. The WooCommerce team is here […]

  • Support Best Practices

    Below are some things that work well for us in WooSupport. What Customers Want Quick Responses Response times matter. This factor alone is one of the greatest predictors of customer satisfaction. If the answers are slow in coming, customers lose patience and become dissatisfied, even if the answer is perfect. Correct Replies Take the time […]


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