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Getting Started

Installation and Setup instructions for WooSlider


  • WooSlider

    WooSlider is a plugin which adds a slider to your site. It comes with various settings to control every aspect of your slideshow, including transitions, directions, sliding speeds and pagination controls. Requirements Server Requirements An install of WordPress 3.4.1 or greater PHP 5.2.4 or greater MySQL 5.0 or greater Usage Requirements In terms of working […]

  • WooSlider Settings Overview

    The following video tutorial is provided by Jamie Marsland from PootlePress Academy.

  • Insert WooSlider Slideshow

    WooSlider comes bundled with several methods for adding slideshows to your website: a shortcode, various slideshow widgets and a template tag. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to inserting your first slideshow into your content, using the WooSlider shortcode creator. Find WooSlider shortcode creator WooSlider’s menu is situated in the most natural location possible within […]

  • Using the “Slides” slideshow type in WooSlider

    Overview video Prefer video? See this great video by Jamie Marsland over at PootlePress. The “Slides” slideshow type is the most flexible (and involved) of all slideshow types bundled with WooSlider. Using a custom post type, each “slide” is a blank canvas where you can add virtually any content you like, from text and images to […]

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