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Advanced usage instructions for WooSlider.


  • Using the WooSlider slideshows API

    WooSlider provides an easy-to-use slideshows API for integrating custom slideshow types and custom settings for those types. This tutorial will cover the basics of creating and integrating a custom slideshow type into WooSlider. NOTE: The following tutorial contains a significant amount of developer jargon. How does integration work with WooSlider? WooSlider exposes several areas, via […]

  • Inserting the WooSlider into a .php Template file

    WooSlider comes with a template tag (function) which can be used within your theme’s template files (if you don’t want to use the shortcode). The template tag looks like this: wooslider(); There are 3 parameters in this template tag, all of which are optional. The first is an array of arguments. Using this array, you […]

  • WooSlider Shortcode Parameters Reference

    Sometimes, it’s necessary to add an extra parameter to an existing shortcode, or maybe you prefer adding the parameters manually, instead of using the built-in shortcode creator. Below is a list of all available parameters that can be used with the shortcode. The default settings for each of the “settings” parameters can be adjusted on […]


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