Make Woocommerce Bookings compatible with Composite Products

I would love the ability to add a bookable product to a composite product, so that guests can pick their reservation dates and then have other components as add-ons. For example, if they book a hotel, they could add breakfast as an add on and select the number of breakfasts (one for each guest).


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  1. Jason dice:

    ‘+1 vote! this is much needed. I build many websites that have accommodations that need to step the customer through a process before checkout to have all they need for the stay.

  2. Jonathan dice:

    Adding 3 votes for this!

  3. magicb29 dice:

    ta that is super helpful thank you. +1 for bookings compatibility with composite products please!

  4. Anonymous dice:

    Adding my vote.
    This feature will add so many more options for those of us using WooCommerce Bookings.

  5. Lewis Donovan dice:

    ‘+1 for this

  6. mg dice:

    ‘+1 for this too…. is there another way to do this other than through composite products?

  7. ta dice:

    I solved that issue by using this booking and appointment plugin:

    It actually does work with composite products. But I’d really prefer an update for the woocommerce booking plugin. So are there any plans to make that happen?

  8. Sergio Sanchez dice:


  9. anonymous dice:

    ‘@ta would love to see your site in action using composite products and the booking. any chance you can post a link?

  10. Ary dice:

    One more for this.

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