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Square + Subscriptions

Integrate the new Square extension with Subscriptions:

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Última actualización: enero 18, 2023

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  1. Anonymous dice:

    I did not realize this was a separate development issue than the integration of WooCommerce, but I guess I see the difference. Lets make this thread set a new record just like the last Square request did!! Hopefully it wont take as long ;). Luv you Devs!

  2. Maxime St-Onge dice:

    Integration with recurring payment through Subscription is a simply a must.

  3. Corey G dice:

    Useless without integration with recurring payment through Subscriptions. This integration is so important! So disappointed

  4. Warren dice:

    Adding Subscriptions would pole-vault this payment method above the rest for small businesses.

  5. Matthew dice:

    Add me to the list of people who think that an option for subscriptions or recurring payments is critical!

  6. Anonymous dice:

    this needs to happen

  7. David dice:

    Really need subscriptions with the Square extension!

  8. Anonymous dice:

    WHAT? I can’t believe I can’t use my Square account if I want to offer subscriptions on my site. PLEASE add this today!!! Well, tomorrow is ok, it’s almost 10pm, but tomorrow – for sure tomorrow. Thanks!

  9. Curtis dice:

    Subscriptions with the Square extension is needed

  10. Anonymous dice:


  11. Anonymous dice:

    please add subscription method

  12. Tracy dice:

    Make this happen! Please, of course. Definitely please.

  13. Sylvia Henderson dice:

    Please add this to accepted payment gateweays!!!
    Thank you

  14. Andrea dice:

    voting for this!!!

  15. aamir dice:

    Please add Square payment to accepted subscriptions!!!

  16. chris nohr dice:


  17. Vincent Wondra dice:

    For the love of God, please, please make this work for subscriptions

  18. Anonymous dice:

    please please please!

  19. bronw3n dice:

    this is SO needed! Please Square, make this happen.

  20. John dice:

    Please prioritize this integration.

  21. Jackson Smith dice:

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  22. Jackson Smith dice:

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  23. brynnfiddler dice:

    Any update on this integration? This seems like a no brainer considering how many businesses use Square


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