Square sync orders

It’s great that we can sync inventory with Square now, but what about syncing orders? When it comes to finalizing accounting books, it takes more work to add orders from two locations.

It would be great if square orders showed up in woo commerce with some sort of pre-fix, maybe even a symbol, highlight or something.

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  1. Shai dice:

    Another benefit for example would be if a store owner went to a trade show, ran out of inventory at the show, but still wants to sell something to a customer at the show and ship it to them later. By syncing orders, it would show up in their woo commerce store and they won’t forget about it when they come back from the show!

  2. Jennifer Griffin dice:

    This would benefit my store so much. Thanks

  3. Anonymous dice:

    Would really help with year end reports on sales for certain products if I didn’t have to look in two places (wp-admin, and square)

  4. Brian Cicero dice:

    This would be amazing

  5. Anonymous dice:

    That would make so much more sense in today’s technology world!

  6. Anonymous dice:

    I sell a service I use the square pos because it fast and efficient. Ideally if orders can sync to the my accounts page and customers can see what they paid for that would be an awesome feature.

  7. Jack Starnes dice:

    Definitely would recommend this! I will say, both WooCommerce and Square integrate with services like Xero or Wave accounting. Maybe use that until then!

  8. Luke Cavanagh dice:

    Wave or Xero do seem like the two best options at the moment.

  9. Sean Ramsey dice:

    Definitely would recommend this! This is a hug missing element for complete integration.

  10. Pat Alguire dice:

    This is very much needed!

  11. The Reeded Edge, Inc. dice:

    An order sync from Square to WC would be huge for us. We sell online through our webstore and eBay as well as direct through a customer list and at trade shows. Square has good hardware and software support for POS along with merchant services. Their app is also responsive for tablets and phones. But without the order sync feature, it would just be an additional step in the process for us.

  12. John dice:

    This would be most beneficial.

  13. Mary Helen Young dice:

    Without a proper sync between Square and Woocommerce, Square’s reporting tools on sales mean very little, and I have to create my own clunky reports by hand. Very time consuming.

  14. Anonymous dice:

    This would be amazing, Currently I do all my reporting out of WC, so any sales via Square POS which are face to face are not recorded. Having inventory correct is important, sure, but knowing what you sold is also very important.

  15. Anonymous dice:

    This is absolutely needed. The square integration feels half finished and just another reason why Woocommerce feels lacking.

  16. Sean Schuster dice:

    yes please!!! This is an absolute must

  17. Steve Aylward dice:

    PLEASE!! This is the biggest featured needed!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  18. Anonymous dice:

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  20. clicksud dice:

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  21. Anonymous dice:

    Currently I do all my reporting out of WC, so any sales via Square POS which are face to face are not recorded. Having inventory correct is important, sure, but knowing what you sold is also very important.

  22. Anonymous dice:

    This would be very useful because its a giant pain right now for tracking revenues when any purchases done in Square arent actually ever entered in WC unless manually imported. And then the manual import doesnt sync up with the products.

  23. Anonymous dice:

    OMG three years of asking and they still haven’t pushed this up the chain! PLEASE VOTE UP! Need to get our estimates and invoicing in Square to also link into our new website – most startups go from small cash payment ventures, to electronic payments like Square and then start online shops…it’s just a natural progression!

  24. Anonymous dice:

    I’d like to be able to use this for online restaurant orders, but if the order details don’t show up on the POS, what good is it?

  25. Anonymous dice:

    Please let us sync orders! Would be amazing.

  26. Cafe Hey dice:

    Please add this function – The order shows up in square dashboard, but it won’t show up in the square app.

  27. Mai Lee dice:

    are you serious? this is a no brainer!

  28. Anonymous dice:

    Please for god sake, CRUD Square Transactions to WooCommerce Orders. This would be a game-changer for our customers.

  29. Nick dice:

    We really need this feature.

  30. Hayes Tree Service dice:

    Is this a really serious topic?


  31. Crystal Payton dice:

    The problem is that my orders from woocommerce are only showing in square transactions and not square orders so I can have them automatically print to my printer

  32. Bountiful Tree Service dice:

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  33. Daniel Tomlinson dice:

    Seriously, how is this not done already? Especially after the massive uptick in online sales last year.

  34. Mcark thony dice:
  35. Hamish Maclean dice:

    Yes please. i need Woo orders to land in the Square Restaurants POS online orders area for staff to action and print. I’m using integromat now, but hey a lot of complexity when it gets to options etc. Lot of potential here as Square online has limitations.

  36. Tony S dice:

    Please…, you already have a create_order function.

  37. Kram Thony dice:

    I agree square orders would be much better.

  38. ridebreathevelo dice:

    Yes please and is there anyone who can tell me how they manually add their square order information to the woocommerce system without stuffing up inventory levels. I’m thinking I will have to add the customer details in and then increase stock levels manually after entering the order details in woocommerce.

    A xero integration approach and using that as my point of truth for accounting purposes sounds like a solid plan as well, however i’ve had trouble in the past getting woocommerce to talk to Xero nicely.


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