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With Hide Shipping Methods for WooCommerce, you can conditionally hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on filters you set.


Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods — either those included in by WooCommerce or added by third-party developers or extensions — based on:

  • WooCommerce shipping classes
  • WooCommerce product categories
  • Product SKU
  • Order weight
  • Cart sub-total
  • Destination countries and states
  • Destination postal codes
  • User roles
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping option

Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods Plugin

Shipping classes

You can hide WooCommerce shipping methods based on classes that you create in your WooCommerce store. Select one or more shipping classes, or choose products with no shipping class at all.

Product category

Hide shipping methods from one or more WooCommerce product categories. Bulk-select categories: hiding shipping for a parent category hides it for all child categories as well.

Product SKU

Hide shipping methods for one or more WooCommerce product SKUs.

Order weight

Hide particular shipping methods when an order’s cart total weight is:

  • Greater than or equal to a specific weight
  • Less than or equal to a specified weight
  • Equal to the specified weight
  • Between a specified minimum and maximum weight

Cart subtotal

Use conditions (greater than, less than, equal to, between) to hide specific shipping methods based on the total cart amount.

Destination location

Select desired destination countries, states, or postal codes to hide particular shipping methods from.

User roles

Hide WooCommerce shipping methods for any user roles on your WooCommerce Store, and hide shipping methods from multiple user roles.

Shipping methods and options

Hide other WooCommerce shipping methods built by third-party developers, including those added with plugins to integrate carriers/services like DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, etc. Once a shipping plugin is activated on your site, the shipping method ID will be listed in the plugin settings.
You can even hide only particular shipping options. For example, offer all USPS services but hide USPS Priority Mail based on your chosen filters.

Create multiple rules

The plugin allows you to create as many rules as you want! You can manage all the rules in the Manage tab, where you can edit, copy, or delete the rules at any time.


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