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Add to cart directly after typing

After typing the amount, the add to cart button is not working directly:

On desktop, customers have to guess to click elsewhere outside the text input for the amount to “get” validated. And on mobile they have to click on “go to” or so. Only then the add to cart is working..

If they press enter after typing, it goes to cart, then if they click add to cart it is twice in cart…

I mean, I love how well coded and reliable all WC plugins are, but the user experience is almost always putted in the last priority. The plugin is not usable for my customers.

Thanks for considering fixing this..

Current Status


Last updated: October 10, 2019


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  1. Kathy Darling says:

    ‘Hi Marc. I’m aware of this issue and am currently in the process of working on a fix. It’s just trickier than I’d like to admit as validating when the input changes is an important part of how the plugin integrates with many other plugins. Originally the product *always* had some value in the input. But now that I’ve found many users wish to hide the minimum or have a blank input, yet still enforce a minimum, the input is essentially in an error state from load. The current recommend is to always have a suggested price in the input. This doesn’t solve everything, but it’s a temporary stop-gap.

    I’m currently consulting with an accessibility expert to examine how I can make Name You Price more user-friendly and accessible. Be assured that the user experience is a very high priority for me, but I also have to be careful about how I change this so I don’t negatively impact other users.

    I hope you’ll give Name Your Price a try again in the future.


  2. Kathy Darling says:

    As of 3.0, this UX issue has been resolved and users can click directly on the add to cart button.


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