Allow the affiliate form to be fully customizable.

It would be great to be able to change the questions and add new fields. I want to know more specific things about my affiliates and being able to, at least, edit what each field asks for would be great. Ideally, we could add/delete fields.


Current Status


Last updated: April 26, 2023


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  1. StoreApps Product Developer

    You can create new form/form fields for the affiliate registration form with the following integrations we added:

    1. Contact Form 7:

    2. Elementor Form builder:

    We recommend you give this a try and contact us to share your feedback.

    You can raise a new feature request(s) for integration with any other form plugin or make these fields editable via an affiliate account.

  2. StoreApps Product Developer

    @klikmetechnology – we recommend you submit a new feature request for more options to include in payout CSV export as this request is for customizing the affiliate registration form.

  3. klikmetechnology

    It will be great if the other payment detail fields can be added (bank name, account number) and also the details can be included in the payout CSV export.

  4. zonmind

    I specifically would like to be able to add alternate payment detail fields (e.g. bank details if the affiliate prefers a bank transfer, Bitcoin/Etherum wallet address for crypto, etc). Obviously they would be manual/offline payout methods, but would be nice to collect those details and make them editable in My Account.

  5. jenlyssy

    WPForms integration would be great here.

  6. Mike

    Being able to add additional fields would be extremely helpful. In addition to the fields already listed, we’d like to get their Organization Name, and Instagram Handle. There will likely be more fields we’d like in the future. We are very limited currently.

    We’d also like the option to make specific fields mandatory.

    Integration with existing form builders (Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms) would be even better.

  7. Andrew McBride

    I’m just not using the form right now because it’s not customizable for what I need.