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Check-in and Check-out days – add class for styling to differentiate the two

The Calendar is causing a great deal of confusion as far as what dates are available for booking. Example is at http://www.galenalodge.com/product/stars-perch-yurt/ (See January). My client is getting many calls about this as people are frustrated trying to book a yurt stay.

What would be SO helpful is if a class was attached to Check-in and Check-out days to differentiate between the two (rather than just partially booked) and then calendar could be styled accordingly. For instance calendar triangles could show check-in and check-out dates as lower right triangle and upper left triangle respectively. This would go a really long way to helping people understand what is open for booking.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Chris Mathieson says:

    Oh goodness, yes, please! This is exactly the problem I’m having… it causes no end of headaches…

  2. Robert Staddon says:

    This would be really helpful to implement to avoid confusion!

  3. Greg Horner says:

    Yes this is so important. Every other hotel booking site I see has different triangles for checkin and checkout. This makes it clear. People don’t book when it says partially booked even though it is available.


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