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The step-by-step guide at Crîcut.côm/Setup and start your Cricut Maker set up as a beginner. But first, let’s take a tour and learn what precisely the Cricut machine is and how it works. Cricut Maker Set-Up Guide for Beginners The Cricut machine is full of exciting craft journeys for crafters of leading workshops. However, dealing with the tech part comes at the most fragile state. Also, figuring out the blade types, mats, and materials can be misleading to different kinds of machines, which can be a real challenge. Now, the thing is, you have seen exclusive features of the Cricut Maker machine that speeds up the performance and levels up the quality of your crafts. So, you have already decided to go big with the Maker machine. For that, your first step should be creating a Cricut account via

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