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Filter which products to import.

At the moment we can only manually import individual products or a selection, or import all.

How about filter by tag/taxonomy for instance, or filter by categories?

Tag is useful, example….. if a client has say 5000 items in their POS system, and only want to import say 2000 into WooCommerce, they could choose all the products they want to upload with a tag called webstore for instance, then when we load all the products using LightSpeed, we can filter by “tag” called “webstore” and only import those.

The best thing is that once all those have been imported, say a month later when there is another 50 to import, we can filter by “webstore” order by imported date and the last 50 should be on there clearly identified to import.

Got so many ideas 🙂

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Antonio Gutierrez says:

    I voted this feature up (add the three voter I could add)

    This one feature would make working with this plugin 100% better and much more useful. I currently have two stores in progress – one with 8000 products and another with 5000. Digging
    through the catalog with now good way to filter the list is daunting and extremal time consuming.

    Please implement this feature request

  2. CM says:

    any updates on this ? It’s a really handy feature.

  3. Eric Phillips says:

    This would be very useful.

  4. CM says:

    Antonio, found the answer. Thanks to the developer. So we have tags by say onlinestore on lightspeed. The following code was added to the functions page.

    Hopefully this will help someone else too

    function wclsi_filter_single_prods_by_tags( $search_params ) {
    $search_params[‘tag’] = ‘onlinestore’;
    return $search_params;
    add_filter(‘wclsi_ls_import_prod_params’, ‘wclsi_filter_single_prods_by_tags’);

  5. Antonio Gutierrez says:

    CM – that would do it . I’ll give it a shot and see if it works.

    Now, it would be really nice if something like this was integrated into the user interface so we wouldn’t have to hardcode write filters.

    I could see how this might work with a dropdown for Tags and/or Category, that would allow you to build a sort of focused import list

  6. CM says:

    Eso mismo Antonio !!!

    It would be great if they did that, as well as being able to sync how often products sync back to lightspeed.

    Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

    If you have any other tricks, would be great to share on here.



  7. Bob Passaro says:

    Related to this: after reloading products from LS in order to get ready import newly added products into Woocommerce, it would be great if you could sort the table by “date loaded” as opposed to date imported or date synced. I work on a store with a similar situation (11,000 products in LS and about 1,000 on the website). When new products are entered in LS, we currently have to search by product title to find them one at a time in order to import them. It’s not horrible since they usually add about 20 new products at a time, but having all newly *Loaded* products at the top of the table would be so much easier.

  8. conschneider says:

    Howdy good people,

    WooCommerce Lightspeed 1.4.3 introduced custom database tables that improve performance and allow you to sort the import page by columns.

    While a selective import is not possible yet, we tested with roundabout 7k products fine thus far. Granted the loading takes a bit but the extension finishes ok in my tests.

    The new database structure: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-lightspeed-pos/#section-18 also makes querying datasets much easier.

    I hope that is helpful to you. Please let me know if not via a comment here.

    Kind regards,

  9. Alex Ayala says:

    I’m in situation where I have 12,000 items in LS but would only need about 1000 in WC. I added some changes to code to only LOAD products with certain tag, and did the same for sync and other parts where it does a search…of course I didn’t save the code and did an upgrade. So when I create new items in LS and I want them in WC I would add the appropriate tag, something like that would be nice to have.


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