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Good morning, I am writing to ask you for some specifications on your plug-in. From the description I seem to understand that it performs the functions I will ask you about, but I would like to understand better.
I need a plugin for wordpress + woocommerce, which can manage subscriptions and also roles depending on the subscription purchased. In this way I can give access to “reserved” content only to people who have purchased the subscription. The important thing is that when the subscription expires the “customer” no longer accesses the reserved content. I tested the “free” plugin and I see that it registers subscriptions separately to the “woocommerce” order. How can I manage the roles or permissions associated with the contents? Is the premium version necessary? Another question in case of purchasing the premium version, is it possible to test it on a test domain, and then move it to the operational domain? just go to the panel and pass the license? or is it no longer possible to change it once I register the domain?

My need is to acquire subscribers, give an expiry date to their subscription and subsequently access to reserved contents. I can do all these things with the premium version, right? or even with free?



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Last updated: April 8, 2024


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