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I have a great need to create a restricted access page as a member roster with selected information based on membership.

For example, I run workshops and classes that frequently want access to the list of students. That list needs to include a subset of the full registration information recorded during checkout and accessible to all of the members.

This is really an essential function for creating resource directories, class rosters, etc., and would make the membership plugin much more functional and valuable.

Current Status


Last updated: November 19, 2015


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  1. Anonymous says:

    An extremely valuable function for memberships would be to create a membership roster based on the membership. I teach classes and workshops that always need rosters.
    I am using WooCommerce cart, subscriptions, membership, checkout field, Name your price, and Print Invoice.
    The workflow is simple. Information is entered by the customer during the checkout process, some of which is needed for the roster so participants can network with each other. Using the “checkout Fields” plugin all necessary information can be collected at the time of the initial purchase. Membership status is automatically established based on the product purchase. I then need to generate a page with selected information from the data that was collected during the checkout process.
    The page generated would be restricted to those included in the membership.

    This would provide the capacity to generate a wide variety of essential reports.

    Please consider this for a new feature. I can virtually assure you that this will be a very functional selling feature to the many organizations that hold events, workshops, and classes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Show which members have the same membership as you when logged in


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