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Payout via other PsP providers Paypal is too limited

Paypal is too limited as payout. I already have Payment Service provider and want to integrate with this in my backend

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Last updated: May 6, 2020


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  1. SGH says:

    Would love to have an iDeal (Netherlands) integration for this!

  2. 8juntwujknw45j4w5hb says:

    Hello team. Your product is very cool, but in order to use it in large projects, you need to have good Mass payouts. Paypal alone, which has huge limitations when working with MLM affiliate programs, is critically insufficient. To be successful in selling an Affiliate Marketing solution, you need to remember who is using Affiliate Marketing. This is the MLM segment. You also need to remember that there is a huge segment of the crypto community. MLM affiliate use crypto now. There is an excellent mass payment service in the popular payment service Coinpayments. Please add it. Your audience will grow by at least 100%.

  3. 8juntwujknw45j4w5hb says:

    This is link to documentation of Coinpayments:


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