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Product Vendor Reporting

Product Vendor Reporting currently is not really useful if you have 20 or 30 vendors and you are selling regularly.

1. When a vendor themselves is logged into the frontend of the website and looking at their My-Account page and you have [product_vendors_total_earnings] and [product_vendors_month_earnings] on the page you can see some simple reports on the screen with 3 columns as you know. The first crucial column to add to this is Date, this should be on screen here in these simple reports as vendors need to know immediately the date of the order, right now they do not know the date or time. I have been asked on about 80 or 90 occasions where is the date and they need this at first glance to insure a timely delivery. Vendors care about custom service and delivery schedules a lot!

2. Also with these shortcodes you can filter by month and by year however there should be an option to filter by product – very important to see immediately the hot products and to not have to work this out manually, again when you have 30 products per vendor it becomes incredibly time consuming. Also this is nice from a stock keeping point of view to know immediately what is selling well in terms of the products themselves.

3. Lastly and most importantly on this My-Account shortcode page each report you filter in this frontend area needs to be exported to csv. This could not be more crucial. If I pick January for example I should be able to export the sales that month and the csv should be of course a little more detailed than the on screen report. I would have included Customer name here, as some products could be tickets for events, or a gift wrapped present and you need the customer name and shipping information of course. Maybe in settings of the plugin you can control what you feel is sensitive information to export by the vendor and what is not sensitive information and toggle these options on and off maybe. I am sure you can come up with a more elegant solution here to help this scale. What is tricky is the fact that when an order is made and has say 4 or 5 products from 4 or 5 vendors in it the shipping tends to be bundled in as one price of course, when its really 4 or 5 different shipping prices combined. I use the shipping table-rate plugin to handle this and it does a good job of it but I need the export to show the portion of shipping relevant to that specific vendor if that makes sense here. As I say this “Download CSV” option should be available through the shortcode that is added to the Vendor My-Account page and every individual vendor should see this and be able to export any filter of the information they wish. This would be a life saver right now.

3. Finally, in the WordPress backend dashboard, one needs to be able to go to Reports > Vendors and select a vendor and be able to export all the order information in csv for a month or 3 months or a year and then email it onto a vendor if they need to. For accounting purposes this is vital of course. Each vendor at the end of the month has asked me for this exact report and right now its a real disaster and with 20-30 vendors the problem is compounded of course. Just so time consuming it’s a few days work to get right if not more depending on the sales that month. So the export CSV should be if I select Vendor A and January of 2014 and click export – there should be every single order in rows including the shipping portion as mentioned, with order ID, just the products for that vendor showing, customer name, customer shipping address, price earned by vendor, total product price etc. Maybe this can be handled by the order cdv plugin I am not sure. I which the customer order cdv plugin here would support product vendors plugin in a detailed way but right now it is a disaster to work through at the end of each month.

I don’t think I have thought of all scenarios here of course. Ultimately the reporting needs to get a lot more sophisticated as you know to really mean the vendor can do his/her own thing and not constantly ask for reports on this and that etc. Right now I truly do not believe anyone could really expand their store past say 20 vendors if they are selling well each day of the month. I have had to hold back on allowing anymore vendors signup to my store as its totally unscalable right now. I only allow serious vendors with good products signup to my store and therefore those serious vendor have accountants to keep happy and therefore require reports each month.

Hopefully this helps kick this off, I am here to test if needed. I think the point I make about having options in the settings of the plugin to show or hide certain pieces of elements is a big one. Also showing the specific products to that vendor from an order is key. Also variable products and maybe even ones using the gravity forms addon. This extra information like signature t-shirts using the gravity forms extension is important.

Hope this helps and please vote this up.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Boyley says:

    I can see that this plugin now gets some of this onto the frontend for the vendor: http://wedevs.com/30625/10-differences-woocommerce-product-vendor-dokan/ but still no way to export reports for accounting or to see all the order information.

  2. PJ says:

    Is this even being considered right now? How does a vendor get their own reports for accounts at the moment?

  3. Alex says:

    For me it is all about Vendors having access to purchasers names and number of tickets bought as I use the plugin for events. At the moment they cannot know what events are selling well and I have to generate a report every time they need a door list. With over 400 events in 12 twelve days you can imagine its a bit hectic. Especially when events open at the same time!

  4. ahmed says:

    I made a huge mistake going with Product vendor plugin. It consumed too much time to realise it lacks what is supposed to be the core feature: Reporting and notifications. And why on hell is the vendor not able to see the orders on the dashboard just like the admin?!! It makes absolutely no sense to me.. It is like woothemes is making sure this plugin is useless

  5. Imelda says:

    Any update on this Feature?

  6. timct says:

    Has there been any update on this, I know this is under review but that was 4 months back, should the releases not be more steady and incremented? how about frontend reporting as described here and frontend submission?

  7. Diane says:

    Any progress on these changes or still under review?

  8. Shane Roberson says:

    Any updates on this?? Would be a nice addition!

  9. Philip says:

    [product_vendors_total_earnings] and [product_vendors_month_earnings] why do these shortcodes not work anymore if i add them to a custom tab at the my-account page? What do i need to use to display total and monthly earnings on the my-account frontendlogin page? Should be possible right?


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