It should be an option to create shortcodes for manual deployment.
So it will possible use any page builder to add Product Recommendations.

Current Status


Last updated: January 13, 2020


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  1. Robert Staddon says:

    For me, this was a deal breaker that caused me not to end up purchasing Product Recommendations. It’s so confining to only be able to deploy these powerful recommendations to a few predefined areas on the page that do not work with any page builder templates.

  2. Active SEO says:

    Wow! I’ll save this. Thanks

  3. The Wading Kit says:

    Agreed, can add on this on

  4. The Wading Kit says:
  5. quantexgebruiker says:

    Yes. Deal breaker for us as well. We are using the Yith plugin Added-to-cart, we need this option in order to use this recommendations plugin properly. (


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