[Mobile App Users] Order Management GTM Banner Q3 2022


It should be an option to create shortcodes for manual deployment.
So it will possible use any page builder to add Product Recommendations.

Current Status


Last updated: January 13, 2020


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  1. Robert Staddon says:

    For me, this was a deal breaker that caused me not to end up purchasing Product Recommendations. It’s so confining to only be able to deploy these powerful recommendations to a few predefined areas on the page that do not work with any page builder templates.

  2. Active SEO says:

    Wow! I’ll save this. Thanks https://www.crownsterling.io/

  3. The Wading Kit says:

    Agreed, can add on this on https://neoprenetote.net/

  4. The Wading Kit says:
  5. quantexgebruiker says:

    Yes. Deal breaker for us as well. We are using the Yith plugin Added-to-cart, we need this option in order to use this recommendations plugin properly. (https://restantoutlet.nl)


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