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Subscriptions – Add ability to retry failed credit card subscription rebills like Stripe already does…

I use the Stripe Payment Gateway for subscriptions and love the fact that Stripe attempts to rebill a customer up to 4 times before cancelling their subscription.

Stripe Screenshot: http://www.screencast.com/t/Gi72ROXRQjm

This feature dramatically improves our bottom line – saving customers that are very expensive to acquire and generating tons of revenue that would have been lost.

Sometime people’s cards just get full – like around the holidays. When given a few days, often the charge will go through successfully.

Would REALLY love to see this feature integrated either into the Subscriptions or Stripe extension. 🙂

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Dan Baritchi says:

    Hey Brent! Could you give us an update on this? 🙂

    The roadmap page says Subscriptions 2.0 has been pushed back to 2015 Q1.

    Is there a possibility of adding at least the manual and re-billing options discussed in this thread before then? We spend a lot of time every week processing re-bills the long, hard way, so having a button to “re-process billing for this order” would be SO helpful!

    Automated re-tries will of course also be VERY helpful, really we need both as soon as feasible.


  2. Tim Foster says:

    I am BUSTING for this functionality.

  3. Jesper says:

    This functionality is crucial for me as well. Had so much trouble with errors at the payment provider gives me losses, because i do not know how/cannot resubmit for payment.

  4. Brent Shepherd says:

    Hi folks,

    We will add both an automatic retry system and a way for administrators/store managers to click a button to process a renewal (for payment gateways that support it, like Stripe) in version 2.1 of Subscriptions.

    I can not provide ETA on 2.1 as we are still working on version 2.0. I’m sorry for the delay but please know we’re working as hard and fast as possible on adding these features.


  5. Oksana says:

    Hi Brent.

    Just wanted to check in on the status of Version 2.0.

    Thanks in advance for the update

  6. Adam says:

    Is there a workaround we can use in the meantime??

    When we used Stripe exclusively we would run delinquents once every couple days and would recoup almost 50%. Now we are getting 0%. Need help and fast!

  7. Luke says:

    Any update on this?

  8. Michael Broukhim says:

    Can we get more insight and more accurate plans for subscriptions and this planned feature? Its unclear whether 2.0 is officially released at this point (roadmap says “will be released Oct. 5”) and whether 2.1 is in the works / this feature will be part of it.

  9. Ken Johnson says:

    If anyone is still looking for a solution, get in touch with us at Churn Buster (www.churnbuster.io).

    Our team is dedicated to recovering the highest percentage of failed payments possible.

  10. Doug Murphy says:

    Looks like this didn’t make 2.0 Is there a plan to put it in the next version? In the meantime, is there a way to manually retry failed transactions?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just adding my vote for dunning. Only now realised there is no auto or manual retry for billing option!

    Having the customer do anything other than reply to my email/phone-call saying “yes I still want to be a subscriber” is to much effort for them.

  12. Brent Shepherd says:

    > Looks like this didn’t make 2.0 Is there a plan to put it in the next version?

    Hi Doug, yes absolutely. It’s now officially planned for version 2.1: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/subscriptions/feature-roadmap/ 🙂

    > In the meantime, is there a way to manually retry failed transactions?

    Yes there is. Version 2.0 includes a manual retry option for admins now. Use the “Process Renewal” action from the Edit Subscription page: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/subscriptions/add-or-modify-a-subscription/#section-12 (the subscription needs to be active so you will most likely need to reactivate it first)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, glad you guys plan to add this. STRIPE makes it easy and other plugins are doing it. Cheers

  14. David says:

    has this feature been added yet?

  15. Jason says:

    This is a HUGE Miss. Also the fact that I get no notifications when the payment fails. I just found out my subscriptions haven’t charged for 3 months!!!!!

  16. Adam says:

    Any update on when this and v2.1 may be releasing? It’s a ton of manual work to keep up with missed/failed payments and getting exponentially more difficult to manage as we increase subscribers. Thanks!

  17. Eric Greenspan says:

    Losing money on each failure folks. Any news here on this feature?

  18. Donna Schwenk says:

    Can I get an update on this please?

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  20. Brent Shepherd says:

    Hi folks, Subscriptions v2.1 is now available and includes this feature. You can find more information about it here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/subscriptions/failed-payment-retry/

  21. Julia Dohnson says:

    I think there is a bug that prevents the Failed Payment Retry Sequence from working. Since the subscription is placed on hold as soon as it fails, the sequence doesn’t continue after the first retry. It just dead-ends after the first retry.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  22. anonymous says:

    I vote for a retry failed payment system 🙂

    “It may be possible to implement a new retry system in Subscriptions core that is more consistent and works with most payment gateways. But as with most features, this will only be added if enough store managers request it. If you would like such a system, please vote up the feature request on the WooCommerce ideas board.”

  23. Patrick Caldwell says:

    This would be a really nice feature as it would allow me to work directly in realtime to resolve once they “fix” their issues with CC>


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