Vendor subtotals in commissions CSV export

The recent updates to Product Vendors have overall been excellent and the bugs are getting worked out.

However, the new commissions export file, while containing a lot of extra data that I’m sure many users appreciate, no longer provides one simple subtotal for each vendor.

This has added to administration, as I have to edit the spreadsheet before I can pay the vendors. We are only small, so I use manual payments.

It would be very appreciated if an alternative CSV export could be offered, much like the previous, simpler version, in addition to the new CSV export.

Thank you

Current Status


Last updated: April 4, 2016

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  1. Darren E Cowley says:

    With the php snippet on the WooCommerce FAQ section we can add the vendor as an entry to a line when each line represents a product. We should also be able to add the commission stated so as to effect the above.

    An export as raw data would allow simple pivot table set up to give the detail requested above.

    I maybe missing something but exporting the commissions in the Commissions tab simply creates a txt file which is no good to man nor beast!


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