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Our mission

To transform lives and economies by empowering everyone to build and control their own business without compromise. 

We believe everyone should be free to chart their own path and that everyone has a right to the tools required to do so. 

Who is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free, open-source commerce platform built on WordPress. We empower anyone, anywhere, to sell anything with truly unlimited extensibility, flexibility, and control over how they build and evolve their business.

Download all WooCommerce brand assets

When in doubt about your use of any WooCommerce brand elements, please contact us at for clarification.

Voice and tone

The way we speak to our audience is as much a part of our brand as our product and design. The way we write tells people what to expect from us. Being intentional about our voice and tone helps us put our best, most authentic foot forward at all times and creates a consistent brand experience everywhere we show up.

Our voice:

Our voice is inspiring, relatable, confident, and supportive.

We empower people to transform their businesses and lives. They are taking charge of their destiny, and our platform represents endless possibilities. We want them to feel ready to take on the world and supported in their adventure.

We use:

• Active voice — « Jay coded our latest release » vs « The latest release was coded by Jay. »
• Plain English — No slang, jargon, or chat-speak (LOL, IDK, AFAIK).
• Positive phrasing — « Remember your notes. » vs « Don’t forget your notes. »

Our tone is:

Woo’s tone is conversational – we’re not cold and corporate. We consider who we’re writing for, where content is posted, and what the ultimate goal or message is. We speak in terms that our audiences understand and can scale up or down in technical jargon as appropriate.

We’re proud of our product without being arrogant. While Woo has personality and a sense of humor, we never get too casual, and we’re not jokey.


The full WooCommerce logo is our official one and is used in all of our and our partners’ consumer-facing marketing materials. Download links include logos in .PNG, .SVG, and .EPS formats.

Purple/Black logo

For light backgrounds


Purple/White logo

For dark backgrounds


Black and White logos

For complex and photo backgrounds


Logo best practices

Make sure to use the correct WooCommerce purple logo.
Don’t change the shape or the layout.
Don’t make color modifications.
Don’t distort, skew, or rotate the logo.
Don’t use the Woo bubble to create new product logos.
Optimal clear space around the logo.
High-contrast background colors.
High-contrast background colors.
Don’t use color logo versions with low-contrast backgrounds.
Don’t decrease the legibility of the logo.


Our primary palette is at the core of our brand identity and should be used for any static or one-off, brand-focused executions (such as business systems, app icons, press materials).

WooCommerce Purple 50

Primary logo/brand color

RGB: 127, 84, 179
HEX: 7F54B3

WooCommerce Purple 80

Secondary, support color, most commonly used for backgrounds

RGB: 60, 40, 97
HEX: 3C2861

Black and White

RGB: 0, 0, 0
HEX: 000000

RGB: 255, 255, 255



Proxima Nova Semibold

Body copy

Proxima Nova Regular

WooCommerce is an Automattic company

Are you are looking for another Automattic product logo or images? See all of the Automattic brand materials.

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