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WooCommerce Memberships: Member Menus

Add the ability to setup menus for specific membership plans. This would replace the primary menu when the member is logged in.

This will not simply restrict menu items in an existing menu (as the code required for this implementation isn’t very flexible / friendly to other plugins), but would instead require the addition of new menus for the membership plan.

For non-members, the regular menu will be displayed. Once a member is logged in, the menu will be replaced with the plan-specific menu.

Current Status


Last updated: juillet 5, 2015

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. This is what I need. Currently, I’d have to use a user role plugin that allows the menu options to be altered to fit the user role but isn’t synced to the membership or groups plugin.

  2. Amish says:

    What version do you plan to add this feature?

  3. Amish says:

    Do you have any suggestions to have member based menu in the interim while you develop it in the core extension?

  4. Reuben says:

    I would buy an extension that would do this!

  5. Jahrl says:


    I have used this one, and it works if it’s not to complexed

  6. Barney Smith says:

    This would be a great addition. I run about 4 different membership options. My customers are not very web savvy, just going through the subscription process alone is a major accomplishment. For that reason alone I believe in Kiss (keep it simple) lets not make them hunt for where we put their membership content.

  7. SkyVerge says:

    Hey all! Someone suggested Nav Menu Roles, there’s now an add-on for that to let you use memberships as well as roles 🙂

  8. anonymous says:

    I’ve tried Nav Menu Roles but it doesn’t work.

    A simple answer to this would be when someone purchases a membership that you would have the option to add the user to a site role which I can then restrict menu items. So in the membership extension it would be nice to have an option to add user to role drop down.

  9. Basti says:

    Great idea!

  10. GUILLAUME says:


  11. AA says:

    This may be what I’m looking for but…Are there seriously no dates on this page…what year is it?


  12. Kai says:

    When I bought WooCommerce Memberships, my personal expectation is that menu items can be restricted (visibility and accessibility). Having to add two separate plugins like « Nav Menu Roles » and « Nav Menu Roles + WooCommerce Memberships Bridge » can’t be the solution. Especially not as WooCommerce Membership is a very professional and premium plugin (with a premium price tag).

    My feature request is to implement menu restriction (visibility & accessibility) directly into WooCommerce Memberships core.

  13. lkraav says:

    ‘@Kai: maybe, but helgatheviking (author of those plugins) is a veteran developer – integration would basically mean just « shifting code around »-type busywork. I’d rather have everybody working on something that isn’t already elegantly-enough solved.

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