Season 3 Now Available

WooCommerce Live is a weekly show designed to help merchants succeed. For each 30-minute show, we start with highlights from the WooCommerce Community. Then, we jump into the topic for the week and resources, followed by a Q&A session at the end of each episode.

Season 3 is complete and fully available to watch on YouTube at your convenience. WooCommerce Live Season 3 focused on helping you get more out of your WooCommerce store, ranging from free-style website reviews to improving checkout to eCommerce design, email marketing, and payments.

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Season 3 Episodes

Website Reviews
Improving Checkout
Creating Customers
Choosing Extensions
Code for Beginners
eCommerce Design
eCommerce Emails

eCommerce Payments

Season 2 Episodes

Choosing an audience
Finding a problem to solve
Selling it before you make it
Creating the product
Choosing an operating system
Getting your product to your customer
Creating happy customers
Beyond your first customer


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