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Setting up the home page featured post tabber

If you wish to use the Headlines home page featured carousel you need to enable it in the theme option’s panel. See screenshot below:


You then need to assign a tag/s to it to display posts for. For the demo we created a tag called “featured” then tagged some posts with it. You can then specify exactly how many featured entries you want the tabber to scroll through.

Adding an image for the featured slider and post thumbnails

To enable the images for the featured slides, homepage thumbnails and archive blog posts to display correctly you need to add an image via the ‘Headlines Custom Settings’ panel viewable below your blog/page post form in the WordPress backend.

The custom settings panel will like the screenshot below.


Simply choose an image on your local computer using the “Choose File” button then click “Save” and the image will be automatically resized for the featured slider (if required) and the post thumbnails.

Please note the image resizer can resize an image to a smaller size, but cannot stretch an image to be bigger than the uploaded size.

Layout Options

With Headlines you can specify if you want the excerpt to appear or the full post content (up until your “read more” break) on the home page and in the category archives.


You also have the option to turn on the “Cufon” font replacement tool. By default the theme uses a web-safe font that can be rendered by any web browser. The Cufon tool allows you to use a font that is not necessarily installed on your web user’s computer – allowing for more unique stylish fonts to be used without any worries of it not being rendered correctly. The Headlines unique font used is “Liberation Sans“.

Adding your twitter username to the corresponding theme option will automatically place a twitter widget in the header space, next to the logo, and replace your banner ad here if you have assigned one.

Setting up your sidebar, the tabber and video player

By checking the “Left Sidebar” in the theme options you can move the whole sidebar to the left of the content. By default the sidebar is on the right of the content area.


To set up the video player all you need to do is specify a category that is dedicated to housing your video posts that you want to appear in the sidebar video player. This category will be excluded from displaying in any other area of the home page. To add videos to this category follow the next “How To” section.

Adding a video post to the sidebar video player

To add a video post to appear in the video player in the sidebar you need to add a new post, or edit and existing one, and navigate to the bottom of the post where “Headlines Custom Settings” panel is.


Add an optional picture to your post for thumbnail view in the category archive, and the embed code of the video, found on most streaming video sites. Don’t worry about resizing the video embed code’s width and height as this will be done automatically.

Your video post must be categorized with the category you specified in the “Sidebar” Video Category theme option’s panel.

The Author Widget

Headlines has a unique widget that comes in handy when having multiple authors contributing to your site. You can add an “Author” widget to the “Sidebar Top” widgetized space for information about the author.

First things first, make sure each author has “Biographical Info” and an email address associated to them under “Users > Authors & Users”. Also make sure the author has a gravatar associated to their email address. This is very useful when posting comments as a thumbnail of the commenter is displayed.Read more about Gravatar.


Then add the widget to the “Sidebar Top” widgetized space for it to display as below.


Placing an advert on your website

The Headlines theme has four dedicated ad sizes available to you.

The Top Banner Ad and Content block advert have dedicated positions on the site and are only required to be set up and enabled/disabled in the theme options.

The MPU (300 x 250 pixel) advert is displayed as a widget, as well as the 125 x 125 pixel block adverts, so to set up these advertising module to display don’t forget to add the adverts and links in the theme options and then assign the “Woo Ads – 125 x 125” and “Woo Ads – 300 x 250” widget to a widgetized zone. See the image below.



Custom Headlines widgets

The theme includes custom widgets that you can add to your widgetized area:

  • Woo – Flickr
  • Woo – Author
  • Woo – Video Player
  • Woo – Ads 300 x 250
  • Woo – Ads 125 x 125
  • Woo – Search

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